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Check this drone out here – The LH – X25S has so many good things going for it, but one major issue that keeps us from being able to …


  1. You guys make/made the flying side of R/C seem much less intimidating and doable. I was inspired enough to try flying drones.
    I’ve had several small helicopters and wasn’t impressed with the performance and really didn’t care for them.
    Drones, man. These things are a trip to fly. I have a blast every flight. All that for $40.
    Now all I can think about is how many different ones I would have bought instead that $1200 XMaxx (Which I love, it’s just honestly too big for where I can drive it here).

  2. So assuming that you don't get a "dud" transmitter or the "falling out of the sky" feature, for those who don't mind flying via smartphone apps would there be less lag in control and video output by not splitting the 2.4 connection between two separate devices [flying with just the app alone]? ~Thx

  3. Nate I took my bugs3 out the field and in nose dived into the mud now no1 motor is just flickering and will not spin? All the other motors are fine I cannot find anything wrong cosmetically? Can you please offer a solution?

  4. Just too cheap, doesn't seem to quite get any job done, at least not one you'd buy a camera drone for. The jello is the final straw with the throttle control issues.

  5. Your best videos are when you both are laughing and having fun like this one. Sorry it's the second Monday this week for you Nate. Next one you will have better luck. Thanks for freezing for us. Love the channel. Keep em comin!

  6. So glad you guys test these things to show us the downfalls! Hopefully this company updates its software and fix the throttle setting on this. That is one of the nice things on the pricer hobby grade quads you can usually plug in a micro usb and reflash the board with newer software even on my Hubsan ones that are about 100 for the quad or 170ish with the quad and radio. It wouldn't cost much to implement even on these cheaper ones really if the manufacturer chose to do it. Hopefully the toy grade ones in the future have a micro usb for updates maybe. Great video as always! Merry Christmas Saylors

  7. Lol this morning Saylors! I really wish you were having a "Title This Video" Contest, cuz my entry would be, "A Camera Drone That Drops Like A Stone!" But seriously, now – I did like the fact that the camera was reversible and you could adjust the vertical tilt angle remotely. But, obviously, it needs to stay in the air to be a drone and not a stone! Love you guys! JP


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