Aldryn Estacio – I Am A Creative // San Diego Aerial Drone Photography


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  1. Aldryn, I just purchased a Mavic pro, and of cause I have no clue as to what I'm doing. I went on YouTube to find someone who can guide me through the steps on getting the Mavic off the ground, but no luck. You are the only one who guided me step by step. What made it much clear to me is, you show on the ipad what to select etc, which was very helpful. You are awesome. I thank yo very much. Take care.

  2. This was a treat to watch. Everything in this work flowed so well together that I found myself anticipating the next scene having no idea what would be in the scene but knowing that it was going to be innovative and provocative. I grew up in Chula Vista in the mid sixties and early seventies. Nostalgic feelings and

  3. Wow your channel is way to underrated! You have some serious skills and I would love to see more from your work. You definitely deserve a thungs up and my Subscription 🙂


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