AirHogs DR1 Racing Micro Race Drone Review


I review the All New AirHogs DR1 Racing Micro Race Drone, Luke Bannister Edition. I really enjoyed this drone. I do all my reviews outdoors,but i did try it indoors, off camera, and it’s even…


  1. Nats hate bounce dryer sheets,,rub on your face, neck, arms, put it in your shirt pocket, or tuck up under your cap, no nasty off on your skin, try it, nats terrible in my yard,,,,cant fly without it,,,

  2. Just picked one up at local salvage store for $12. Flies great in advanced mode…beginner seems a bit squirrely but who cares. Hate these tiny controllers, but this is actually the best one I've seen. One good thing about this one over the later fpv model is that the battery can be easily modded to allow swapping multiple batteries. Minuses, body is integral part of frame, so can't be easily stripped down and lightened. Overall, a neat little micro for what I pade.

  3. Are there any leds on it, most of my free time is at night and I can't fly my racers at night.. Looking something fun cheap and actually flys right, does it have acro mode or just beginner and higher yawn settings?

  4. Wow, that's probably the best handling micro drone I've ever seen. I'll have to send my boss this video. He's big into R/C planes and is looking for a small drone he can fly in his house and backyard. Cool video man!


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