Air Hogs – Star Wars X-Wing vs. Death Star Drone – REVIEW


I played with the RC drone set for a week. Here are my thoughts on the Star Wars X-Wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault – RC Drones. HelloGreedo is an …


  1. Thank you so much for being HONEST. So many Youtube personalities are sent free merchandise to review and a lot of the time those personalities will flaunt lies or false praise because it was free and they hope to get more free merchandise in the future. You may not get another "freebie" from Spin Master in the future but I can certainly say that you have my trust. May the Force be with you!

  2. Is it air hogs? Because that's the problem if it is. Lol. Air hogs makes absolute junk. Pretty junk, but still junk. I spent $20 on the speeder bike, and I got to use it for about 6 minutes, and it stopped. Then I opened the case to check the contacts, and the damn contacts aren't even soldered. They were glued. I'm not kidding. Trying to fix one, the others fell out. And since I took it apart, I couldn't get a refund. That last part was my fault. But still. I'll never buy from them again. I've never once had a good experience with any of their products.

  3. I had the exact same problem with mine only the Death Star was the only thing that flew correctly. I also bought the X-Wing by itself in a separate box. that one actually flies beautifully I've already had about 20 flights in it with no problem. I too don't recommend it to people but I think the one with the Death Star is a dud all the way

  4. Sounds about right. Professional RC vehicles of all types are hard enough to get operating perfectly the cheaper ones are just as you said: Frustrating.


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