Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Drone REVIEW


Air Hogs Star Wats Millennium Falcon XL Review Let’s be blunt about this, this drone is large in good and bad ways. It is large in size …


  1. We just bought one and it's a complete piece of shit. Zero response from the remote. The only thing it was good for was gaining 3 ft of altitude and hawing in multiple directions on its own.

  2. Hello,  I am a "Barbie" collector and for the "Barbie" movie "Starlight Adventure" in 2016, they had "Barbie" riding around on a "Hoverboard." When Mattel made the dolls and toys from the movie, they made a "Hoverboard" that is nothing more then a small quadcopter (About the size of the small "Falcon.") with a small "Barbie" (About 1/4 the size of an 11.5 inch "Barbie.") standing the board and the entire thing is made of the same foam as the small and XL "Falcon." Like with the small and the XL Falcon, the flight time is about 8 to 9 min on a 2 hour charge time!  What I would like to know, is there any way to get inside these items to change the "Li/Po" battery out when it stops taking a charge or to place a battery in there that has a longer run time. Also, is there any way to get the charger to shorten the charge time but still get a full charge on the battery?  It was the hoverboard that got me thinking again about the XL Falcon. I could not fly the small hoverboard in the house because my cats want to POUNCE on it like it was a BIRD and in the deal, kill it. So, I am flying this little thing outside on a calm day and I had it coming right at my face and it looked like the XL Falcon video I had seen here on "You Tube." So! It does not matter if I buy (I will be saving the money for it.) the XL or the small "Falcon, another small, "Barbie Hoverboard," try making a larger "Barbie Hoverboard" myself (If Mattel will not make it.) or buy either of the "Falcons." The biggest things to me is the charge times and flight times on all of them. Do you have any ideas for me?

  3. Just bought one of these at Toys R Us for $99 . they have them on sale for $219 but they priced matched Amazon.. I think that will make it well worth the price

  4. It's not a "drone". A "drone" is a vehicle that uses pre-programmed instructions to complete a task. Like a worker bee or a Democrat. Something that is directly controlled in real time from another location is not a drone. But could still be the same as a Democrat.

  5. Another great video!
    What do you do with all your previously reviewed items/toys??
    I'll buy 'em man! Post them on RCGroups! lol, we'd love to see your collection of neglected flying vehicls.

  6. whoa, i didnt realize it was made of Styrofoam… i guess being so big, its needs a material that can be super light. does it feel brittle? or like it will easily break apart? im not sure if its Styrofoam or a tougher foam


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