Air Hogs Helix Video Drone Review, 60FPS Action Camera in a Quadcopter


Air Hogs Helix Video Drone Review Today we review the new Air Hogs Helix Video Drone. Last year the Helix X4 Stunt Drone was …


  1. The one I bought was drifting to the right, I realized no right/left trimming on controller, there was no way to fix it. Plus, it took 1 hr 20 min to recharge, only 5 min air time when fully charged. Very disappointing! I returned the drone

  2. Thanks for the video and review as this is on my youngest son's Christmas list and I didn't know anything about it. I do have a question though, what is the flight time per battery charge?

  3. is there a toy that Air hogs sell that has a live screen showing what's happening built in the remote.Im saying as if the toy has a camera and the remote is showing what the camera is recording live.If so please tell me the name!Anyways awesome video.These toys are cool as heck!

  4. That's actually a quite good camera on that drone I've seen some drones that are more expensive that dont have as good as a camera and that a quite good quad also

  5. Do you plan on getting the new bb8 |: if so will you be doing a review? also I love your reviews on your toys but your special to me because you always keep in touch by posting new videos of the new tech thank you for your effort and news about the new toy tech! (:


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