Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Review – Part 1, FPV HD Streaming Drone With VR


Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Review Today we do Part 1 of our review of the HD Video Streaming Helix Sentinel Drone. We will be back in about a week to talk more…


  1. Man DONT Buy This. ITS OVERPRICED. You Can Just Buy Both The Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone And The WIFI FPV VERSION U818A With 720P HD Camera DBPOWER Headless Mode Quadcopter With 2 Batteries From Amazon, And just use the goggles from the air hogs FPV race drone and fly the drone which records 720P HD videos and you get an extra micro FPV Race Drone which is probably less than $180

  2. hey I bought the melinium falcon and three helix sentinel drone. love it . got a question if I may ask. is there a way to reset the sentinel drone. I bought it from bargain hunt and the WiFi connection is not working so I can connect it to my phone in order to use the app

  3. What market is this intended for? Certainly not for the beginner at that price and definitely not anyone with any kind of experience as they would laugh. $200 for an ancient frame design copied from the Blade MQx circa 2011) , same old brushed motors with short lifespan, infrared led obstacle avoidance that's only good for indoors, very limited height sonar based altitude hold and a terrible toy grade short range wifi camera that is no where near 720p and doesn't even swivel UPWARD, which is what you need for fpv flying unless you want to always look at the ground while in foward flight. Lastly but not least, a non removable battery?? MANY of the items mentioned would be a deal breaker at $100, nevermind $200.


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