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Check out this race drone by Air Hogs Here – If you enjoy flying race drones and have been looking for something for the kiddos to do while you are in the air, this may…


  1. Worst fucking controller on/off button ever on a RC controller legit bought one and right out the box when I put new batteries in it the on switch would not work rofl! legit garbage I got tons of drones and never had a single problem with any even other air hogs just this shitty one. AND TO say it's a racing drone I legit bought a syma drone that was 20 bucks that would out race this any day rofl!

  2. During this years Xmas shopping season Walmart had these on sale for $40 dollars U.S. I picked one up at my local Wally World this last Friday ( last one on the shelf ) for only $19 dollars. I figured, what they hay. Eh, it is what it is. It's a decent little flyer and the foam aspect makes it ideal for indoor flights. Just be sure not to whack anybody in the noggin' with it. lol

  3. The lack of yaw and flight time is really disappointing. I have one under the xmas tree for my son. He had the original Helix and loved it. It flew very well and for about 10-15 minutes on a charge. I think I may return this and get him something else.

  4. Doe's Not Look 2 Cool as they say it is on the Ads on my Sight & others.? Oh & Hey You Guys…When POPEYE is Running & Chasing the Drones…Take OFF His Leash so He Doesn't Crack His Little CRANIUM…!!! See Yah

  5. That's a real pity. The basic design looked okay. The inductrix style prop guards are a good idea for a new flyer and you don't need too much power. Less pitch and a little more power. That yaw though was offensive.
    Also loose a tiny bit of weight somewhere to allow for a slightly bigger battery. Far too short flight time.

  6. It's Airhogs, what do you expect… Yes seems like it may be alright for the kids and it could very well get them more interested and learn more, but as for us hobby enthusiasts, we know better. Great review guys.

  7. Hey Nate my wife works at a retail store. They sell amazing drones for less then 70$ everyday. My latest I bought for 29$ and it's great camera and all. Lmk if ya want to know what this business is so you can grab some too. I'm sure there is a chain around you guys.

  8. I always like to tire the dogs out when they're left home alone so I've got a few Chiny Whoop JJRC H36 and let them chase it around the yard and garden until they're exhausted.


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