Aerial Photography with Phantom 3 Drone. Set Up & Flight / Zapography Episode 1


Episode 1 goes high above South Beach with the aerial photography team @HighDrone. Learn how the DJI Phantom 3 operates while zapping (snapping) an …


  1. Sorry you lost your Mom. Mine is 99, still going strong! I’m a photographer and she’s the one I shoot to share with too. Blessing bro, lucky you have a band of buddies to comfort you! I used to go to Miami all the time. Mahalo!

  2. Have you flown from that area recently? Im taking a cruise out of Miami on Dec 10th 2017, And I plan on flying my drone from that same beach area the day before. I know this video is old, but now do they still allow it without getting into trouble?

  3. Nice video. What drone product are you using? Now, I started with custom builds about 10 years ago. Still have a few customs, but I also own two Mavics and an Inspire 2.0 for most pro shots. That being said, I am on a mission to promote responsible drone use particularly in the US. For USA Hobbyist or Pro pilots, I recommend you study for the FAA part 107 exam. Only Pros need to get certified, but knowing the rules will keep the FAA at bay. There are plenty of free and low cost study tools available so there's no excuse that you don't know the rules. For me, I studied primarily using an Googleplay app call UAS107 (link is below). The app is about $4 and has a bunch of prep exam questions and some useful info resources. A good tool even for hobbyist. Here's the app link:

  4. Is this real? The host talks all ghetto-ish. "The money guy" really? Just some fat guy with $500 that wanted to be in the video… Lastely no actual photographer would use a Phantom advanced when there were Pros and Inspires out then.

  5. Hey, guys. Still using the phantom? Check out the DJI Inspire.

    Released december 2015, a huge upgrade. Plus, two controlers, onre for flying and one for the cameraman.

    I'm only 13, don't have any money for these things, but I thought you might want to know.

    P.S. If u r looking to get rid of a Phantom, tell me. I'd be happy to give it a new home.


  6. great video..thanks! I am thinking of changing to RAW instead of JPEG. Never done that before so trying to learn. When I switch to RAW what difference will it make? shadows better? Also I am going manual and trying to adjust things. It seems my camera is out of focus more. Could that be cause it needs to be light for the focus to work better? thanks for any advice..

  7. You do not need to get the props that tight – the phantom 3 has opposite screw mechanisms – meaning as they rotate, they self-tighten in the opposite direction that you spun them.

  8. How amazing! I'm falling more and more in love with aerial photography each day. Seriously considering getting started in it but have no idea how! Thanks for the informative video! 🙂


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