Aerial Photography Tips


Eric and Josh share some basic tips for capturing great aerial photography with your multi-rotor! Learn more about the Blade 350 QX3 AP: …


  1. I am interested in sampling water (surface >2" deep) with a drone, could you make a suggestion on the platform? Naturally it would need to be on pontoons, and ideally I'd want the unit to skim for a few feet or hold it position in moving water.

  2. Nice video. What drone product are you using? Now, I started with custom builds about 10 years ago. Still have a few customs, but I also own two Mavics and an Inspire 2.0 for most pro shots. That being said, I am on a mission to promote responsible drone use particularly in the US. For USA Hobbyist or Pro pilots, I recommend you study for the FAA part 107 exam. Only Pros need to get certified, but knowing the rules will keep the FAA at bay. There are plenty of free and low cost study tools available so there's no excuse that you don't know the rules. For me, I studied primarily using an Googleplay app call UAS107 (link is below). The app is about $4 and has a bunch of prep exam questions and some useful info resources. A good tool even for hobbyist. Here's the app link:

  3. Hey guys, please tell me you have more features on Eric and his equipment and setup! Super curious about his builds, what/how he flies, the content he shoots etc.Very interested to know about his custom builds, seems like a very interesting guy with a wealth of knowledge. Thanks so much, absolutely love everything about FliteTest!

  4. I have a Phantom 3 Pro and have attempted to shoot video of different things that flow smoothly on first viewing them on my computer, but when I copy the video to a disc, the video gets choppy in playback. I believe the computers can't read all the data fast enough, but how do I make any movies without this choppiness? Thanks ahead of time.

  5. eric is trying to say………. hey… I buy drones 4 $3.000-10.000 hahahaha… and you all cant ! ! ! ! bullshit for $$ I buy a car or something like that…….. come -on eric ……. stop bullshit theppl PLS…

  6. amazing video, thanks for all of these tips, I am new the quad copters. I have started my channel so I am incorporating drone shots so I want to take my filming to higher levels. if anyone can point me to more material I would appreciate it. THANKS

  7. how about let's ban drone photography because they cannot use the quads for shit. I fly full acro and never make such stupid mistakes. don't go and spend money on a drone your not 100 percent confident of flying and any speed or altitude. fucking retards are making the hobby look like the next step of terrorism

  8. Too much talking, too much to take in, still don't know how much this thing costs. It was maybe mentioned, but i just remember 8,000 10,000 dollars then i heard 400 plus 2 or 300 that is 700 800 dollars blablabla.

  9. I am not a photographer but I enjoy good quality images. I really do appreciate your strive in this beautiful technology. Ever since I learnt of the technology, I have been wishing I could be able to have it cover my wedding since it is a ones in a lifetime occasion. I just programmed my wedding on the 7th of January 2017 but I am not yet sure of having a drone for the coverage since the technology isn't common in my locality (Bamenda – Cameroon). I really wish I could lay hands on one. Nevertheless, more grease to your elbows.

  10. Eric has provided more practical, unpretentious, valuable advice in this video than countless other YT vids I've seen on this topic over the past year. Every point made was either something I'd learned the hard way, or need to remind myself of. Capturing great video (…and stills) is my goal and each point made here, if the viewer listens carefully and practices will eventually get you there. being a knowledgeable videographer, photographer and RC pilot doesn't come quickly or easily. I say this as a former professional photographer who is now attempting to adapt his skills to the aerial realm.

    Thanks again, and I'm now subscribed as a result of this vid. Keep up the great work!

  11. Great review I am Photographer Trying to get into the aerial video Great tips I learned In this review of I would like to see Eric some of his video Does he have a website. And I have a question have you ever use filters jell in front of the camera to give it a special Warm effect As a photographer I use filters In my lens for landscaping photography


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