AEE AP10 Drone quadcopter flying camera show


test AEE AP10: aerial photography mode making film in the air. location: AEE Technology Park makers: Issac & Alex filmed by AEE S70 Action Camera.


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  2. anyone notice a latency (almost one second) on the video transmission from the drone's camera connected to the smartphone, before make first recording? I noticed that this latency is reduced to a few milliseconds as soon as you start first video take and after that everything begins to work properly (low latency) even if you stop recording

  3. To be honest at first it was a little frustrating cause i didn't understand the calibration process. once i looked at a lot of videos here on YouTube it helped a lot, it flies great i dont have any problems flying the drone! the only complaint i have is the app getting the video on my pc or getting it on my smartphone it sometimes it is confusing that is the only issue i have other that that it flies great and goes really high

  4. I wouldn't buy this drone. I see so many negative experiences with the product along with the companies customer service to fix malfunctioning products upon arrival that's it's not worth buying. Better off buying the Parrot brand instead

  5. why would you make the video from the Quadcopter so small this is the important video to see ( so far many of these videos from this quad have JELLO effect) ….. this is something that the company might want to fix


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