Add Captions in FCPX – Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 Tutorial


FREE 26 Page Complete Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcut Guide – Add Captions in FCPX. Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 update added a few new …


  1. Thank you for this informative video. Can't wait to see how to just keep the captions on so people can read via their feed without having to click on the video.

  2. Brilliant video; however, a lot of work typing in the text. I would suggest uploading the video to either FB or YT and using their caption tools that auto-generate most of the text. Then you simply download the .srt file or any other format that you want and upload that along with the video. That is going to work for the 2 biggest social media platforms. Still, there are applications for having CC right in FCPX. All the best, Cheers Rick

  3. Thanks for this awesome tutorial regarding captions features in 10.4.1

    Would you know if import of SRT subtitle file is supported in 10.4.1? I perform all my subtitling tasks using a 3rd party app, it's much easier and I'm used to it.

  4. Great job LPTGuy! I have a question. Let's say I have an entire video already written word for word as a script. Can I simply paste the text into a single captain and FCP will correctly time the words to the audio? Or do I still have to manually go through the set the timings for each individual line?

  5. cea 608 If you set it to a language other than English, it will not output properly. For example, if you use Korean, you will see a square block and you can not see the letters.

  6. Hi, thank you for the video. It was great. I've been waiting for this captions update forever. Let me ask you please. Can't we embed a caption in a mxf export? I can't do it in FCPX and neither in compressor. Thak you.

  7. This is awesome, thank you! Is there a way to make the captions permanent and always visible (so they can't be turned "off"/don't disappear if someone doesn't have the captions turned on?)


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