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Galen Rowells Website In this video, I return to a little spot in Yoho National Park that I have visited many times and share some of …


  1. For those wondering about the Intro Timelapse, the locations are as follows 1: Mt Athabasca, Jasper National Park. 2: Glacier buses, Columbia Icefields, Jasper National Park. 3: Mt range just outside the town of Jasper. 4: Pyramid Mountain reflected in Patricia Lake, Jasper National Park. 5: Snowy Lake in Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park.

  2. OK..OMG…these are the best abstract images I have ever seen and Adam, you have and amazing gallery also. Love your work. I followed you on instagram too. I need to get a passport now…..lol @litteljoey

  3. I really like how you worked that location, and how you placed so much thought and consideration into each composition. It really shows the value of slowing down and taking in your surroundings. The opening scene with the timelapse was beautiful as well!

  4. I delayed watching this video because I was a bit preoccupied lately and it seemed like an especially good episode. I was not disappointed at all. I like all your images, past and present. The last one was the best of the best. Impressive imagery. Magical.

  5. Great video Adam. You are a true artist and the way that you meticulously work the scene for a perfect composition is a great talent–and you make it look so easy, which I know it is not. I really look forward to each of your videos as they are very inspirational. I saw that you posted one of these images on Flickr and I finally had time to watch the accompanying video. Call it Liquid Metal! Cheers, Jeff

  6. You find some of the coolest stuff! Great images Adam! Man I want that setup you have! Camera gear or wife….hmmmm….for once I can say it would cost me more to get rid of the wife lol. Keep up the great work!

  7. Great video Adam and beautiful shots of the rock formations with pastel blues, browns and greys. Laughed when you said you had a harder time getting up than getting down, I know the feeling.Just a suggestion to a fellow tea drinker (I know you love your tea) have you tried green tea with a wee spoon of honey in it? I swear it gives tired legs an extra step plus it’s supposed to be very good for you. I’m a wee bit older than you and not as fit as your good self but it works for me been drinking it for a while now.

    Looking forward to your next adventure and shoot.

  8. With 185 comments already posted, I think that there is little left to say. But I must tell you that I find your production values to be consistently high. Not just in this video, but in most every one you post. The quality of the images, the time lapses, the drone footage, the music, the instruction and inspiration, the editing, the natural beauty of your locations; it all adds up to make your videos so very satisfying to watch. Thanks, Adam!

  9. wouldn't have ever thought about this!
    this is just beautiful and truly inspiring!
    always a pleasure to watch great videos like this! thanks for sharing so much great content with us

  10. Thanks Adam… This provided the perfect escape for me. Between getting firewood in & bldg a woodshop in my basement, calibrating new equip., my hands have been full. Some beautiful abstracts here. I marveled at the unusual patterns & those golds, copper, green & turquoise colors in there. I can visualize you returning to this place again & again. I'm 3 days late, but better late than never! LOL. 🙂

  11. Hello Adam, what a marvellous area indeed! Loving your thought processes regarding the use or not of the polarizer. Though I am no way as good as you, I also use the same thought processes, where we look intimately at those small details. Immediately I am thinking how ould these images look like in Monochrome. The fewer distractions or the unwanted creates a better and more rewarding image. As always Adam, thank you, for sharing your skills and knowledge. As for your drone work, it is ' Perfect in the Extreme '…. Surely, the Canadian Tourist Board are missing a trick – for they should be using your drone footage all the time. Which could be a further little earner for you. Regards, Allan…

  12. The work of other photographers do serve as inspiration or idea generators, I believe this is true for most of us. Another interesting video. Rocks, upon close look often have interesting colors and curves, if they are big enough.

  13. Another awesome video Adam! I totally agree with you on the polariser, the reflections help add something to the images, which are awesome as well!! Love the colours and the patterns in the rocks. Awesome stuff!!!

  14. Another great video Adam. have not been to Yoho but I'll add it to my wish list. Suggestion on the best time of the year to go? Still working on seeing all the great places here on the Island. I do however agree with you on following photographers that you admire, and always having a shooting buddy.

  15. Adam, Love you videos. Great opening B roll – best yet! The rock formations really beautiful – interesting to see how you didn't use a polarizer and I think it worked.

  16. What an amazing location and superb images Adam. I agree with you about the flip screen on the D850, I too have problems with getting up from the floor now. Ahh, the joys of getting old and having arthritic knees! Lol All the best from an overcast and cold Scottish Highlands.

  17. You're vying heavily for the title "King of the Intros" . Beautiful time-lapse work this time. Then came those wonderful abstract images. These are the types of photos you can look at all day long and not tire of them. I like the concentrated format of this little episode. Very powerful. I like the discussion about inspiration vs copying that just came up so naturally in the conversation. And, as many others here, I also learn so much from the detailed description of your compositional choices and your camera settings. Great work, Adam!

  18. Thanks for sharing your thoughts leading to choosing a composition and processing of the images. What a great location with more images to shoot there. The color of the water in harmony with the surrounding rock!

  19. I love this little spot and first shot here about 11 years ago. In fact, one of my all time favorite images was shot here.
    Anyway, I really wanted to thank you for not sharing the location and keeping it secret!
    It's not that I'm elitist but, more and more I've been seeing places like this one destroyed or damaged by being visited by too many people and I don't like that. I know there are people out there that would be careful and considerate but, we all know there are also people out there who couldn't care less about anything other than creating another "look at me" image for Instagram. We need to protect these treasures.

  20. Hey Adam. I forgot to ask earlier…I noticed you are using the D-850, I just purchased one for myself and was wondering if you have any feedback on it thus far? I know you said you like the flip out screen. I have watched several reviews prior to my purchase, but I would like your take on the camera also. Thanks

  21. Each of these images is fabulous. Earlier today I saw that last image on Instagram and stopped scrolling for awhile as I stared at it. I can't say that about many images (as wonderful as they may be) on Instagram.

  22. OMG! The intro to this VLOG was like watching a movie! MORE DRONE WORK please. The best so far Adam. So beautiful. Moving on to the first image…WOW! The color and texture are amazing. This place is an awesome playground. Did you do any B&W work here? I am sure B&W would be incredible. The 2nd image is great too Adam. I really liked the depth of the image. Thanks for taking time to create this content for all of us to learn and enjoy. I look forward to more.

  23. This video is the perfect antidote to the gloomy, windy, rainy weather outside. It has me thinking about all the areas that I have been lately that I can return to and focus on the more intimate areas of the landscape. I re-watched the beginning sequnce about 4 times. The time lapses were beautiful. Thanks again for the inspiration.


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