A quick look at the Compustar Drone DR3100 smartphone app module


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  1. I got a question i have a cm 600as module and a idatalink isntalled in my car but idk where im supposed to plug the drone cable.. does it have to be connectnitnto the module or to the idatalink inmobilizer?

  2. I've been watching your videos for a while now and you seem to pretty much be on top of your game when it comes to all the different alarms and remote starts. I have a VSS5X10 with a 7756v remote since the smart start module is slow and unresponsive but the brain itself is just weird. It acts up "A LOT". I'm on my 3 brain right now. For a 2012 and 2015 accord what's your recommendation on the nicest bypass/alarm/ and remote start that's compatible with my remote?

  3. I have the ads-acla and hooked it up to my 2015 ford fusion last year. I flashed the device with RS firmware and was off and running. (3 lock start and 3 lock shut off). Easy peasy. Now, I just got a DR3100 and I know I have to flash my idatalink acla again so it knows I have a drone attached (If I can figure out which rs-fm…to use). My big question is: I had before programed the key to the bypass. After I re-flash, do I have to (re-program) the key again? I remember using certain cann buss wires then unhooking and using others. Do I have to do all of this again?
    I would hope not because this would be a pain everytime new firmware was introduced.

    Sorry so long and all over the place. Hard to put in words.


  4. Also is it possible to keep your factory sound when u lock and unlock your car. Instead of using compustar sound. Like lexus has the chirp sound when u lock and unlock will i be able to keep that

  5. First, thanks for all your videos. I watch all of them, even though I am a bit more advanced in electronics than the average bear. Many I just watch for your opinions and personality as you tell it like it is and in my book that makes you pretty cool. I guess I've become a bit of a Lessco fanboy. lol Anyway I have installed a few remote startalarm combo's in the past mostly all older ~10+ year old Excalibur systems because I really liked them last I installed one, however I am looking at a Compustar system for my new 2014 Subaru Forester.  I really like everything I have read about Compustar so far. Being a highly technical person I'm leaning so heavily toward the Compustar system that I am considering going to the only local authorized Compustar installer that is pretty far away and an unknown to me when I have a local shop I trust and have been dealing with exclusively for over 20 years trying to talk me into a Viper system (they are authorized Viper). Viper seems to be the defacto standard in Chicago. I have never really cared for Viper systems although I can appreciate some of the DEI add ons like the window modules etc. I have all but made the appointment to have the Compustar system installed by the new to me shop. I was considering doing it myself, as I am fully capable and not at all intimidated by the install, but don't want to mess with the programming hurdle on the bypasses of not being an authorized installer myself and the lack of warranty if I DIY the install (mostly the warranty issue). I just see the extra cost of an authorized install as worth the money for a brand new system in a brand new car (guess I'm growing up a bit lol). The local Compustar dealerinstaller mentioned that a new 7000 series brain is supposed to be released in the next few weeks which I am waiting for info on from them. Also I am considering adding the Drone DR3100 later myself as your video states it's a simple D2D connection. My vehicle seems to require two bypasses (Blade and a second to the data port) one bypass for immobilizer and one for convenience features or to do one bypass and quite a bit more hard wiring which I prefer not be done. I am hoping to throw the DR3100 business your way since you have a competitive price on the 3100 and I want to help support you since I have enjoyed many of your videos and It should be something I can add myself later to save a few bucks. I guess my question is if I have two bypasses in my system, one blade, and one into the data port is it possible to either Y cable the data port or daisy chain the dataport to add the drone later?

    Any info you can provide would be great.



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