A Mini Pocket Selfie Drone!?! Dobby REVIEW


Dobby (Gearbest): or (Amazon): This is the Dobby drone from Zerotech. (as seen on Casey Neistat) It’s a mini, pocket, …


  1. Dont buy from TomTop they only accept full-star reviews and they dont answer support emails. I got a faulty one and they are just stone-cold, they dont care about their customers. Just saying.

  2. I just got this.. my software upraised and I don't see a lot of the features you are showing in your video… tracking, and other video tricks not there and EIS does not work at all… no flip button… no inside outside button either… am I missing something ? Thanks in advance

  3. Oceanside!

    Are there any copters with a similar feature set that do have a controller? I used to have a P3 Advanced and had great fun with it, but man did it lack in the portability dept.

  4. Good price point for this package. DJI Mavic is slightly larger but packs some serious features compared to this little guy. Still, a good looking kit and seems to fly as advertised. So about $1K us for Mavic of $400 for this.


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