Review of the FPV racing drone frame “The TWIG”. A serious light weight, high performance FPV racing drone designed to crush lap times and push the speed …


  1. All that excitement talking about lightweight but where is the number? Weight with and without battery. I fly the exact Viking motors 2206-2600. They're very powerful. Pull 7.19G from hover punchout.

  2. Gr8 vid! How's about that fc, did ya have NE problems with it? Did you installs the resistor that is Included with the fc? One more, lol sorry!! Is the fc worth the price tag it carries?? Thanks for the ride!!

  3. Sorry but I have to call BS on this build. I'm an experienced builder 25+ years but cannot figure out how you got the screws through the FC board, it can't even be possible unless you drilled out the corner holes of the FC or made a modification to the center frame support. You would be risking cracking the board even attempting to run the screws through it. And yes I am using the same components you called out in this video so no difference in hardware. Appreciate if you could share this with us or this really is a no build for me.

  4. Hoping you can help, Just got my Twig the other day and I noticed when mounting the motors to the arms, the area where the wires come out of the motor does not line up with the arm itself, meaning the wires are not centered on the arm when they come out of the motor. Looking at your vid its tough to see but it appears you ran into the same problem, can you confirm this. Thanks! Also, don't know if you saw my other question but curious what battery size you ran on the video.

  5. Hello from Russia! thanks a lot for this video! But I want to answer a questions
    What a motors you used in this twig? 2205 or 2206 viking motors?
    And what battery? THANK YOU A LOT!!! GOOD FLYING))

  6. Well Stew it seems that this is just the drone I need to get for my son. How about shipping it across the pond on my dime? That should match well with his Tango.

    Thanks for another great video and all the advise you give.


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