A $75 FPV GATE! OUCH!! It better be good. LESA RING GATE REVIEW


Flying your FPV racing drone around a track and through gates is some of the most exciting types of flying you can do with a miniquad. These FPV gates or ring …


  1. Is there any way to track drones to show they have completed a course? Some form of digital device and proximity sensor showing they had made it through all the gates and completed X number of laps?

  2. you did a video not to long ago about getting it the drone hobby for $200 but my question is what is the best antenna for the money that has good signal and are durable

  3. I usually let my students watch your videos its the first time they have been able to the gates as you approach them and fly through them they all say cool great flying guys….

  4. I flew gates for the first time yesterday & we had one similar ring gate from quadcopters.co.uk but slightly smaller & cheaper. Definitely my favourite gate on our track, the easiest to see & stood up to the Scottish wind & us repeatedly smacking it better than any of the other designs we had out! It was nice with a ground gate after the ring as well, for a bit of altitude change so everything wasn't down low.


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