A 4K GPS Drone in your Pocket – The Zerotech Dobby – Full Unbox & Review


Zerotech Dobby Drone Review. Possibly one of the best beginner drones with a 4K video camera and GPS tracking, built-in video stabilizer & smart functions …


  1. So at 199 gms or 7oz, the Zerotech Dobby is a tiny little drone that actually falls below the 250 gms limit of the new CAA registration rules coming into effect in Nov 2019, but as a camera drone, it's still subject to the same 50m rule from buildings and people, and 150m from towns etc. Yes it's primarily a selfie drone, but its GPS, relatively long range and hi-def camera makes it a pretty cool little starter drone, and also a useful drone for easy aerial shots when out walking. What's your thoughts on this tiny little drone? And just for info, yes I bought & paid for this! 🙂 Cheers, Ian

  2. Did you make that video with the nikon ? that is one of the poorest quality i ever saw , hard … Nearly zero colours and the background looks almost black and white , boah .. Anyway thank you for that helpfull review .. cheers thaynamite

  3. Ian would it be possible for you to get your hands on the Ryze Tello and review it with the FPV Tello app ?
    apparently it give full DJI functionality to the budget drone (like follow me, return to home and circle me).

  4. Are the controls very touchy? Like to do very slow forward or reverse (push/pull) shots. Basically, is the drone only have one speed or can it go very slow in all directions?? Thank you so much for your review & time! Cheers!

  5. Hi Ian. Will you be making a video on the hyperlapse on the mavic. Especially explaining the new option of storing the way points would be great. If you could

  6. How does this little drone cope with wind ? i notice it was quite still when you tested it . I am impressed with its altitude given it is operating off the phone only . Have you tried this with a wifi extender ? i use one with my Tello which seems to be in the same league as this unit and i can get more range that way . i suspect though that like the Tello it would be very prone to fly aways particularly if the wind springs up .

  7. Short and sweet. It's so cool to see these developments in the little drones. If you can get QI charging for them that would boarder on
    Sci-Fi . Set up a security net that has drones fly out and view the area of alarm and zip back for a recharge; while another takes up the search.
    I don't know what it is about your style with the videos but they really get my imagination going on what could be possible. Cheers!


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