8 Tips To Being SUCCESSFUL In Photography, Business and LIFE: RAWtalk 247


Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 247! May the Fourth be with you! We dive deep into photo news this week including how …


  1. that facebook news is bullshit, it's nothing new, they either licensed some already existing photogrammetry software like photoscan or reality capture or simply created their own. it's not revolutionary in any way. as usual with facebook and most silicon valley companies it's all hype and little substance. photogrammetry has been around for years.

  2. They changed it because people don''t know how to do anything and if they get too many notices they opt out of ALL notices across all of YT instead of just the one channel.

    There should be an option to just get notices for live and to select how. I don't want all those emails but I do want desktop/browser notices of live.

    But they must have changed stuff again as I had to re-ring it cuz it wasn't any more.

  3. Jared and Stephen, You Guys Spend Way too Much Time Talking About Stuff That Is Just B.S. and it gets annoying. Why Don't You Just Get To The Point? It's like You Just Want To Hear Yourselves Talk. People do not have time to waste.Your Tutorials on Equipment are great, but it is just getting to where I can't stand to watch.

  4. honestly, i hate the bell thing. I have it selected on your channel, but i started getting so many emails, all day long, that i had to add youtube to my junk email list. i wish they would send out 2-4 emails a day max, with each email giving you a list of channel notifications.

  5. Try doing a conversation with someone and refuse to use these words: 'Not' and 'But'. The most important part is really red flagging the word but, for ourself, when we are communicating with anyone. Do small changes, and see how the world reacts to it.
    Whenever we do a change, we need to implement a better, more constructive option, or else we'll hit dead end. We need to know why we are changing this, that or the other. The most important part for when we do change something, is simply continuing whenever someone challenge us on it. If we're not prepared to stand up for ourself, we are unwilling to own the change, thus it will fail because it's just a matter of time until someone will challenge us on it. Make people who try to stop us mentally in a dialogue, hit their own brick wall, and simply continue moving forward. There's just so many people who attack when they feel the need for help, and that shit must be ignored by any means, or else we will most likely be taken advantage of if someone gain success with it.
    Because we do because we want to do, nobody can demand anything from us, because we are all our own responsibility, and it's only fair that we all pull our own load in this world.

    It's important to abandon people who only want something from us. Just do it.


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