7 Reasons Why the Mavic Air is Better than the Mavic Pro


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  1. Thanks for the review but most of your concerns are not mine and I would assume many others as well. Yet, I must state that I have one reason that demolishes all 7 of your reasons: Occusync; Occusync; Occusync; Occusync; Occusync; Occusync, and Occusync!! There is no way I would purchase another drone without Occusync after owning the mavic pro with Occusync! Look at it this way; I do not fly in line of sight, and I often fly behind trees, buildings and other objects, and I really very rarely has signal disruptions. I (do not) fly with optical avoidance; I (do) fly long distances; I don't like a noisy drone; I (do not) like a shorter battery life etc, etc. Get the picture!! Portability is debatable in terms of traveling with my mavic, because it is just easy!

  2. Which one is tough. I have them both. APAS, size, distance, compatibility with the goggles. It never fails when I find a location, it screams for one or the other. They are the perfect pair!

  3. Go day. I do lots of offroading in the Bush and am looking to add some footage to my YouTube page. Which drone would work best for me? Is the spark a option? I need something that will follow me and not stop. Lol

    Thank you

  4. Own both Mavic Pro and Mavic Air. Yes, the Air has a slightly better camera and slightly smaller, but when you pack both of them up in their (DJI Bag) , they both take up decent amount of space.

    The main reason why I still like Mavic Pro more than the Air is the Ocusync vs. Air's wifi connection. Yes, battery life, camera specs, weight, portability, and many other factors plays a huge role when it comes to purchasing a Drone. But if the pilot's heart rate jumps because of constantly losing connection during a flight, then what good is there.
    Mavic Pro's weight plays a major role during strong wind, much more stable and steady.

    During one of the flights when using the Air's Hand Gestures, connection got cut and I was panicking because I was near water. I quickly rushed to find the remote to stop it and quickly land it safely.

  5. Are you excited for the Mavic 2 ?
    1. 360 (5 directional) Obstacle Avoidance
    2. 8 km Ocusync 2.0
    3. Active Track 2.0
    4. 31 minutes of flight time
    5. 44 mph / 72 kmh Top speed
    6. Lowest noise on a DJI drone

    2 models available:

    Mavic 2 Zoom:
    2x optical zoom (With Dolly Zoom Quickshot)
    1/2.3 sensor

    Mavic 2 Pro:
    1 inch CMOS sensor
    Hasselblad camera

  6. If you just count the pros and cons, you might be right to prefere the Air. I have both drones, and I must say, that all the attributes that really matter to me, the Pro is way better: Stability of connection, flight time and noise. Especially the noise is a real killer for the Air. If you want to keep a low profile and don't want to draw much attention, the Air is out. The noise is just ridiculous.
    Most of the pros of the Air you mentioned, don't matter to me at all.
    I don't need obstacle avoidance (I always keep the drone in sight).
    I like to fly my drone myself, without these autonomous stuff.
    I think, the gesture control is just useless. Yes, you can fly by gesture control, but the footage is rubbish.
    Folded I also do not see much advantage for the Air. They both fit in a backpack, and that is all I want.
    The only advantage for the Air for me are the removable stick on the controller. Actually, after the Spark, to me the Air is the second flop from DJI in a row. I hope, the Mavic 2 will be another quantum leap, as I am used from DJI.
    Still like your vid though. It lists als the features, and it is up to the viewer to set his own priorities…

  7. I had all intentions of selling my Mavic Pro when I bought the Mavic Air, but the enhanced WiFi system of the Mavic Air is so unreliable, that I often found it unusable even at short distances. Built-up structures, terrain, and trees in particular, are a real problem for the Mavic Air, even at distances less than 100m. The OccuSync system of Mavic Pro isn't just a little bit better at overcoming these obstacles than the Mavic Air, it is spectacularly better. OccuSync is also less susceptible to urban radio interference. The difference between the Mavic Pro and Mavic Air radio control systems, is often the difference between getting the shot, or not. I love everything else about the Mavic Air, it is a joy to fly, but without OccuSync, I will always need both. My fingers are crossed for the Mavic 2 being the one and only drone that fits all my needs.

  8. My Pro went back for repair under warranty. I must say DJI service is spot on, they arranged pick up, postage, repair and return, all in 1 week. Anyway, being a flyer who can't be without a bird, I went and bought the Air to keep me going and I must say the Air is better for me as it isn't so complicated to programme, picture quality is the same as the Pro and it's one hell of a lot more portable. I like the rear sensors but I don't like the noise! Go for the Air if you're in the market.

  9. Thank you for the review, I've been torn between the two drones. I do mostly Wedding videos and as much as I like the Air, I think I'm going to go with the Pro due to the quieter props, Occusync and longer flight time.

  10. losing phone connection to the controller (app crash) when flying mavic air and you'll appreciate the extra info of the mavic pro controller provide on its screen. my app crashed but I still able to fly my mavic pro back manually without worry. I doubt i'll be calm if i'm flying air and the app crash


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