7 Drone Video Editing Tips in 3 MINUTES? + BONUS TIP!!!


Get Premiere Pro at NOTE: Tony has had a lot of cold medicine today For more, SUBSCRIBE and like #1 …


  1. First – TY to Tony for the drone FAA test – best at boiling it down and cutting through the crap. Passed it in large part to his simple approach. But…my head is ready to explode with learning Premiere…any BASIC how to get started links? Advice?

  2. Great tips thank you, those will even apply without a drone. I do use premiere Pro, are you using the cc version that has a monthly subscription? Mine will not edit 4K at 60 frames or 1080 at 240 frames, only brings in the soundtrack and not the video track. Trying to do really slow Mo any suggestions or do I have to splurge and buy the premiere Pro CC version for 20 bucks a month? Thanks and thanks for all the great Videos and Tips


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