6K 3D 360° Drone Aerial of Epic Sunset Castaic Lake California | DJI M600 + Obsidian R


Enjoy this epic clip of the beautiful sunset above Castaic Lake California. Film on DJI Matrice 600 #DJIM600 with MOZA Gimbal 360° AIR and Kandao Obsidian …


  1. Very interesting test, thanks for sharing.

    My only question has nothing to do with your actual video, but with youtube playback. I have an i9 system and it still is unable to play the 8k stream without severe stuttering. CPU usage sits around half, and even if I wait for a long time to buffer, it still really struggles. Is this just me, or is there something else going on here?

  2. Hi CreatorUp! i love your videos, thank you so much for sharing your awesome knowledge with the world!

    I am contemplating on getting either the obsidian R or S, but i cant seem to make a decision :S… i know the difference in them but is it worth dropping your frame rates for a better quality? is 8k much more noticeable in a headset than a 6k? is 30fps ok for HMD? we will be shooting both semi static work but could also use it for some movement depends on the job… cant make a decision could you help me please?

    All the best


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