5 Ways to Setup RSSI in your OSD, Analog, TX Telemetry, Receiver Channel, FPort, SBUS Packet Loss


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  1. 0:00 Summary of all 5 ways to get RSSI into your OSD
    7:21 Summary of Model and Analog RSSI Wiring and Configuration in Betaflight
    11:05 How to broadcast RSSI from your radio to a channel
    14:24 How to configure your receiver to show RSSI in your OSD
    17:40 How to get RSSI information from an F-Port connection
    20:41 How to configure Betaflight SBUS Packet loss

    See the Full X-Lite Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfEeINCzBDwr9dnwSC9-pJSpeljfaWkeX

    See the Full R9 Playlist:

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  2. Thank you for the clear and considered explanation. It was driving me nuts why the radio was saying 88db and the rssi in betaflight was saying say 10 higher of lower. Will sort tomorrow. All the best.

  3. btw, i ve just tested fport with bf 3.5rc2 – no need to change scaling, the default 100 is fine!
    i am using r-xsr with uninveted hack on a f4 board, so my settings for the uart without an inverter
    set serialrx_halfduplex = ON
    set serialrx_inverted = OFF
    (it seems you still had fury f3 FC in this video)

    and another thing – the new betaflight is annoying with constant sensor lost messages, so you have to flash the latest fport beta firmware in order to fix this. for smartport it is not necessary – betaflight devs fixed it

  4. Got xm, xm plus, r9, x8r, r9plus, x4r, r9slim, r9slim plus, xsr,… now the best so far and tested for regular free stile no going far just regular flying x4r sbus, perior, you get rssi, and vbat on you radio, and for long range with no issues so far up to 2 miles away and can go a lot farther, r9slim.

  5. Hi I've been following your video since i bought the xlite. You were great help to set my controller up and running. My drone flys really well until about 3 packs than it just dies on me mid flight. I have r9 module with r9slim set up. Updated to latest firmware. My rssi is up and down but i havent tried your fix yet. Do you think the issue is loosing rssi low enough where my deone crashes? The rssi does not go below 50. Thanks for your help in advance

  6. I am using XM+ in 2 of my quads and I am using method 3 for RSSI in OSD BF. What keep annoying me is that using this method, I get around 90, 91 when I am just next to my quad with my transmitter and oppositely, when I fly my quad far, failsafe kicks in just when RSSI drops to 7X …. that mean effectively I got a scale of RSSI ranging from very good signal of 90 to failsafe 70, just a scale of 20 ????? I do not know whether this is normal for XM+ but is not acceptable to me. My traditional D4R RSSI has failsafe at around 45% which I already consider high… Ideally I expect a receiver to fail interpreting command from the transmitter if RSSI drops to like 10, 20 range…. Tell me what you guys see …

  7. Very nice video to show all available RSSI options, where and how to use it. (Y)

    Fport looks the best option, but on F4 boards is not the easiest way to use it, cos F4 boards usually don't have uninverted UARTs, like F3 board have it.

    I have question. If I wish to use telemetry and RSSI on Fport, does both works when using Fport?

    I saw some interesting situation at mine XM+ receiver(on LDRC FPV Egg 138), until I don't get into the air, I have RSSI just at about 75. But when I'm just a little in the air, RSSI goes up to 95 or more. I have to check it with X215 if will happens the same thing.

  8. Wow, this is great! I was already using fport with my R-XSR receiver and didn't even realize that RSSI was working. Just had to turn it on in my OSD and bam! I didn't even need to adjust the scale, it just worked. Thanks!

  9. @droneracer101 – Just installed two R9M slim receivers last night. This video helped a ton. Using fport but also have the RSSI out wire on the Rx going to the RSSI pad on the Matek F405 CTR FC….should I leave that RSSI wire connected or remove it and just do everything via fport?

  10. Hi Mark. Thanks a LOT for this tutorial and overview. I have one question for you. The last method seem useless. when you fly the signal jumps and you're also watching where you're going and not knowing you're at 50% it could take you to a failsafe easily.

  11. The best summary of RSSI/OSD configuration methods I have seen to date!
    As of a few days ago, the R9 mini RX can now also do RSSI on channel 16 with the new firmware release!

  12. This is really helpful, thanks. Does option 3 work for XSR receivers? I have the slim+, am I correct in assuming wherever you mention slim it’s also applicable to slim+

  13. Uuuummmm…Maybe I missed the "Intro to Telemetry and RSSI" video? Where is the F-port – on the FC, Rx, Radio? I used to be smart (MS in EE&CS), but must be losing brain cells. Too bad. I'm using telemetry on 2 XSR's, nothing on 1 XM or 2 XM+, and have 2 R-XSR's for upcoming builds. So, I must be using method 2 for XSR's, and could use method 3 for XM and XM+, and should use method 4 for R-XSR's. Will method 4 for R-XSR include full telemetry or just RSSI? If I want full telemetry for R-XSR anyway, is it worth adding method 4 just for the RSSI? Thx.


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