5 UFOs Caught On Drone Cameras!


LookNowTV Presents 5 UFOs Caught On Drone Cameras! Many drones are now equipped with cameras & they are reportedly are catching UFOs on videos …


  1. hey idk, but i really saw something the other night. like 3 lights forming a triangle, and inside was something transparent. it was moving fast, and it was around 8 at night. fast enough that my brain was still processing what is happening that i couldnt even take a video of it. its really weird. and i believe in what i saw, i believe that its an alien. the universe is huge, it's limitless, we all know we're not alone. and im really serious in what i saw

  2. I've seen the whitish looking lonh orb looking one before. It actually is a light color and looks like a grain of rice with something on top of it. The almost transparent thing on top is part of the UFO. Glad to see another like the one I seen.

  3. My older brother was flying his P4 around recently and caught something very similar to some of these.. an object flying at a high rate of speed across the screen.. Kinda scary when you see others just like it online.. I will post a link once he uploads to YouTube


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