5 TIPS on EPIC DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY with the DJI Mavic Pro | 4K


I’ve been doing Drone Photography since 2016 and on the way I’ve learned a few things. Here I share 5 tips on epic drone photography. As a part of my …


  1. Mads I have said it before and I will say it again, your drone and landscape photography is outstanding, right up there with the very best, sure would like to see drone PP. Cheers

  2. As always your drone footage and photos are stunning! You can really see that your skill as a photographer and videographer on the ground translates to some amazing results in the air. Not just anyone with a drone can make such shots. Some great tips too, particularly around planning your flight and checking the forecast.

    I haven’t got a drone yet for a couple of reasons: I’m trying to improve the fundamentals of my photography on the ground first before adding another dimension and having to fly and take images at the same time; and I’m waiting for the Mavic Pro 2 to be released (hoping for better image quality, more sensors, longer battery life, and quieter).

    Something to look forward to!

  3. great vid as always Mads!! haha number 1 is definitely a tip!! I've driven up to the Lake District (5 hours) and forgotten the SD Card for my mavic air… was kicking myself the entire time i was there. good job it has internal memory otherwise i would have had nothing.

    Would be interested to see how you edit you drone shots btw

  4. Thank you Mads. I am looking forward to using my new Mavic an adopting the tips you just showed. I just need to find an epic location that is not in a No Fly Zone. Unfortunately there are not many places like that near where I live. But alas, I will find a way!!

  5. Did you have problems with temperature influencing the battery capacity? I have seen drone pilots having a small heat chamber in cold environments to keep the batteries warm and put them in the drone just right before liftoff.

  6. Do you have a twin? Looks like one runs the mountain and the other one comments from his armchair. 😉
    Never used drone before, do you work out a flight plan and check flight allowed areas before going on location?

  7. I do not own a drone, Mads, nor have ever flown one, but I found your video so interesting and informative and am seriously contemplating the future ownership of one. Thank you for an excellent vlog as always.

  8. Hej Mads.
    Tak for en flot video. Det er fantastik det du laver, og jeg sætter stor pris på dit arbejde og lære meget ar dine videoer. Jeg vil meget germe se dig redigere et drone foto.
    Mvh. Frits Svendsen

  9. Would love to see a video of you editing your drone photos. Would also like to know some of your drone video settings. I also love my Mavic pro. Your tips are excellent take aways. I look forward to more of your outstanding videos.

  10. Guru or master of drone photography? Which one do you prefer? Tones of people try to copy you, but without the talent, the knowledge is not enough how to do it. I have seen hundreds of drone videos, only a handful what are close to yours. Probably you know, who they are.

  11. Great on Mads. I have one more important tip: When flying at National Parks (e.g. Fjallsarlon/Fjällsjökull in Vatnajökul NP) remember to get a permission to fly there from the National Park service – just dont fly the drone. Its easy to apply for permission. Just find out which National Park the "Hero object" is in and fill out the standard form for film making and drone flight. Typically apply at least 7 days before your flight – the people at the NPs in Iceland are very friendly. Just a good word of advice 🙂 If they catch you they will fine you and confiscate your drone. Usually the reason for getting a rejection is tourist season or nesting birdlife. Apply outside season and for flights before 8am and after 6pm.

  12. Thank you very much for this video Mads !!! Your videos had a major impact for buying a drone ( bought the DJI Mavic Air for easy transportation ). Would like to see editing a drone photo and if possible a panorama drone photo. What's your limit on wind for using the drone, and your knowledge / thoughts about ND filters for the drone ? Thanks for sharing !!!!!!

  13. Mads, your drone footage stands you apart on youtube as it seamlessly adds to the value of your content and prepares the viewers for your stunning images. Would be great to see more episodes of how you edit and utilise your drone images


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