5 Tips For How To Shoot Cinematic Drone Real Estate & Buildings || TUTORIAL By Drone Film Guide


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  1. Great video! I have a question for you, I use a DJI Inspire 1, and still new to this… so, if I get some trees between me and the drone, will I loose the signal? I believe, that if I fly behind a building, the signal will be lost, but trees?

  2. Stewart I've tried some of your ideas, but one thing that does not always work is filming later in the day or early in the morning. Most of the real estate I've been trying to film has a lot of tree cover around and the shadows cause exposure issues. Im sure your examples work fine as there are not a lot of trees surrounding the buildings.

  3. Really great video. Succinct. If you were American i'm sure you could have dragged this out for at least 10 minutes of dross! All joking aside, very informative and genuinely helpful. Disclaimer* Americans, please don't take offence – all is fair and all that…

  4. Thanks for this great video, I also so your ND filter video and you very clear that you don't always want filter especially if theres no motion. But for real state do you think is a good idea ? I see other video with filters that make the blue sky popup and you want your real star to be shoot on a sonny day.

  5. Great tips! I'm new to using my drone to film real estate videos and do an interior walkthrough video. I'm on my second drone so i'm still new. I've learned a lot just from watching others videos but hearing tips like these from professionals helps a lot. Very important and very easy to understand. Thank you for the information and I can't wait for more!

  6. Hey! Thank you all for your comments and discussion below! Just to let you know that as this channel is growing, we are struggling to reply to each and every one of you but rest assured that we do read your comments and value your input. Please do keep your comments coming! Drone Film Guide is evolving into a cracking community for those of us who want to do more with our drones and fly like filmmakers…stay tuned!

  7. Where was that building at 2:32? I recognised the chimney in the background across the Forth (if I'm not mistaken) in Fife, but not sure where that building is. I live in Scotland so looking for good drone spots.


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