5 Reasons the Mavic Air is the Best DJI Drone of 2018


2017 was the year of the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro. 2018 is the year of the Mavic Air ! The Mavic Air has tons of unique features that set it apart from the …


  1. I was wondering what drones would be better for me and you just answer my question the mavic air is for me I was gonna buy the mavic pro but I like the world look like it's round

  2. I have a huge question, I am thinking about buying the Mavic Air but I've seen a lot of videos showing how they lost theirs because they lost the conection or signal, any thoughts on this? please help!

  3. Family man, good lad ! thanks for the informative vid thinking of getting this for semi pro usage, just to get that 'Quick high angle shot' when doing intros. Still undeecided about the mavic pro tho

  4. No question Mavic Air is the best, but it may not be the best for everyone, if you need a sold connection a mile plus out then the Mavic Pro is the best drone for you. If you only use the drone occasionally and you don't want a lot of money tied up then you are like me and the Spark at its new lower price ( $349 with controller) is the best drone. Maybe when the Mavic Air 3 comes out with lightbridge and a Price below $500 it will truely be the "Best" drone for "everyone"

  5. Hey bud I crashed my pro got my check from insurance today and so debating on getting the air I live in east ky thereโ€™s a lot of mountains and valleys Iโ€™m worried about the control since the air donโ€™t have occusync what is your go to drone at the moment Iโ€™m so indecisive so I need your help man lol????

  6. In another video you did, you said to use an apple phone. Do you think that is the way to go for any drone? I'm an android user and brand new to drones. Not sure which one to get yet but you're making of think that some work better with apple and others better with android. What's the truth?

  7. Nice! I like it. But it is a selfie drone, with the features and limitations of a selfie drone (wifi, battery life, range, no dynamic home point, no waypoints, no course lock, no home lock, etc.). But it is an excellent Spark II.

  8. All the recent chatter says the Mavic Pro II will have a 1-inch sensor. How likely do you think that is? Will you be shocked if it does, or shocked if it doesn't? That's making me wait since the rumors also indicate it will be announced in March.


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