5 Crazy Awesome NEW Drones Available Now 2018


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  1. Ya right! Most of the hype for these ads has a drone around a crowd, kids in go karts, a race, people in parks. There is a damn place anywhere in this one world were drones are not being banned or accepted!!! I have a better chance at owning a GUN than a drone.

  2. Great vid but too DJIsh for my taste. Can recommend the Spider C85 by JTT UAV which unfortunately you forgot to mention. It can be unfolded in 30 seconds, has a front obstable avoidance system, it's waterproof, with a nice 7'' high bright display and a working time in remote control mode of 2 hours (+ external charging available) But anyway, keep adding more of these videos! 😀

  3. So July 18th, the Mavic pro plus?! Lol Please be the next MP though. I have the MP and the Mavic air/ spark just don't cut it. We Need a MP with a 1 inch sensor and 20 megapixels be nice starting point. Ocusync transmission of course! Also maybe instead of a retractable landing gear have the camera on bottom centre of the drone and have that lower after take off so full 360 rotation is possible! But they won't do that as then you'd have an inspire for a fifth of the price so like all companies that only care about money expect minor upgrades and in about 4 to 6 years we can expect the real deal. Right now they just have to beat the competition which isn't that hard. Yuneec Typhoon H (with realsense) and there plus model is amazing but not even remotely portable. Please give us a camera that can rotate 360 DJI pleaaaaaase lol

  4. Why would you have the video in 720 p.. It has lost the hole reason why people are watching it .. Most people want to see the video quality.. As a film maker I thought hey this is cool I can see all the resolutions for each drone .And what a added bonus i can see how stable the red is on the drone… But No 720 p this is not 2003..


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