4K Mavic Air first flight doing a long range test: how far can I get with stock antenna?


My first flight with the Mavic Air is a long range test to see how far I can get with it. And it’s in 4K!!! I used the Osmo to also film myself in 4k. The audio is by Hooke …


  1. Hehe.. I liked the part when you stood on your toes and actually thought this would make the difference. Seems dry and a bit of farmland/small village environment. Judging by your accent I guess you are in Croatia or something close… No sea in sight.

  2. reason why all drones are always offset by 3m to 5m is due to the reason the satellite are itself gyro rotating around the world. Due to this there will be slight algorithm syntax issues which the modders did not preset up there in the satellite because there are too many functions placed in them before sending them up so -fk it.

  3. Gave drone Peter. Ik wil naast mijn phantom 4 pro ook graag een mavic air hebben. Lekker compact voor als je een dag op stap bent. Hij maakt ook iets minder lawaai, al hoewel de mavic pro gek genoeg – als grotere en zwaardere drone – stiller is. Gebruik je de phantom 4 pro nog vaak? De V 2.0 is uit en ik hoorde dat dji vermoedelijk V5 van de phantom pro eind dit jaar gaat lanceren.

  4. Although this is a fantastic bird it was not designed for long distance trips the Mavic pro would be much better suited for a long distance flying this bird you want to keep close

  5. I like the Video,
    I am just missing the screenrecord from the tablet a bit (just a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ – the footage is beautiful)
    I guess you found the settings for the 5 GHZ setting meanwhile ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Good video as always, the tablet holder, or lack of would annoy me too much, and a mobile phone is too small for me. Yes I know you can now get 3rd party adapters.
    Thanks for all the effort you put in to these videos.

  7. come on, there is only one reason to fly the air that far and risk 700 plus dollars…. We all know why. YOUTUBE HITS…. keep your drone in sight and legal and stop giving all the line of sighters a bad name. Great vid BTW 33+hits impressive


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