$41 Foldable Selfie Drone That ROCKS – Eachine E50 Wifi FPV Camera Pocket Drone – TheRcSaylors


Check this Drone out Here – Have you ever wanted a Cell Phone that Flies?!! Well this might be the closest thing to it, with folding arms that …


  1. Is it true 720p video? 16:9 aspect ratio? And can you get extra batteries/chargers for it? Waiting for the JJRC comparison video… would love a DVI MAVIC, but don't have that kinda cash… so… I'll take one of these just for fun… but has to be 720p wide-screen/16:9 video… or else not gonna bother.

  2. so when you throttle down even tho the virtual stick goes back to center, it will actually not launch? mine keeps trying to take off (and hit the ceiling) as soon as I hit the "takeoff" button, even when I unlock the altitude. Maybe I need more "down"?


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