3DRobotics IRIS+ review: A drone that can fly itself


3DRobotics’ Iris+ made a big splash last year as a powerful drone capable of autonomous flight. Cool, right? All while promising a lengthy flight time, flexible …


  1. heeelllppppppp i need help. Got this drone a few years ago…its awesome. Problem i had was the gimbal. I installed it properly but it gets all crazy and jittery when i turn it on. I cant find the software from tarot so i can update firmware or whatever but i am clueless. anyone know how to fix this?

  2. complicated?? I can't disagree with you more if you thought charging a lipo battery is complicated for this drone, as you mentioned in the beginning of this video , and you find this drone complicated I would re think doing reviews and flying drones in general,
    this is probably one of the best and user friendly on the market
    and you mentioned jerkiness if you would have taken the time to read about this multirotor, you would know you can go into flight planner and adjust everything and anything in the parameters setting menu yourself,,,!! you want to dampen , control and smooth out any flight characteristics you want,,
    so next time you and your boyfriend want to do a review , know what your talking about

  3. Holy shit this guy was absolutely horrible. ย Maybe to be a little more professional you should research the product and know about it instead of looking like a dumbass who knows nothing.

  4. This was my first UAV (โ€œdroneโ€) purchase. What attracted me to the Iris+ was indeed the autonomous flight mode, having the ability to predetermine a flight path and have the bird fly it. It is a lot of fun,and I highly recommend it

  5. At the start he says. "The battery had 2 or 3 cables I don't know why"… Have you ever been at a school where electricity is being taught? Not hating or anything but here in Greece we already know about it from the age of 13. Anyway, the battery has multiple cells and they need to be balanced otherwise kaboom…

  6. Dude….. Stick to phone reviews… You'll have no idea what you'll was talking about.. And this is cool. On from a drone pilot.. Everything you said in this review was incorrect and it's not fair imagine review stand point.. It's best to have someone that knows pea what they talking about before the review comes out

  7. The yellow connector on the battery is for the main power delivery wires, the other white one with more wires on it is to monitor individual cells in the battery to make sure no one cell goes too low on power or that all cells get charged evenly/don't overcharge. The connectors used are very much standard in the RC scene.

  8. this guy needs to do more videos. The only other vid i've seen him in is the car one, and he has good camera presence. Maybe he doesn't want to be on camera? It's a shame if that was the case

  9. Ron is a really good presenter! He should definitely do more videos. Very clear and natural (unscripted) voice. Mark's videos sound too scripted which is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

    It would be good to see more videos from Ron!

  10. What weird connections?! Everything I saw there were pretty standard connections! You are talking about the balancing port on the battery?!ย 
    I don't know why noobs want to jump into a pretty complex hobby and expect to excel at their first try. I also don't know why somebody with 0 flying experience that doesn't know what a balancing port is thinks that he has something useful to say in a review.ย  Are there no experienced pilots at TB to properly review this thing?
    And what about the way this "review" was filmed?! How unprofessional can you get?! The camera man was scared when the drone was landing and hid behind the pilot loosing site of the drone… LOL


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