3DR SOLO Under $300 DRONE REVIEW AFTER 1 MONTH REVIEW After 30+ flights – VLOG


SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE! GIVEAWAY COMING AT 1k! SKIP TO 3:03 for Beginning of Drone review. I really enjoy this drone with all my heart, I understand the hate that came towards this drone after…


  1. You know what? The quality your getting with that platform and camera is fantastic at $250! I cant think of anything else except maybe the Spark that delivers that good of video for a reasonable price. I want the Yuneek H520 really bad but it has a camera issue. I'll wait till they get it fixed!

  2. Do you know if they fixed the GPS and mother board issues? I heard they arent really selling parts since they are focusing more or other things as far as software not hardware

  3. Great Drone, I paid $225 but when that got down to $189 I bought a second one as I wanted a extra battery and blades = 89.99 another $100 I have that plus parts. Their almost sold out and the 39.99 gimbal is up to 59.99. GRAB ONE BEFORE THEIR GONE

  4. Hello when you put a headline in your video that you buy a 3dr ONLY for $ 300 or less would be nice to share the information.
    It's cool to see you in the family and as you cry because of the bad weather through the window. But other people would also like to buy your dron for $ 300us or less! Hand up or hand down? What do you think I should do?

  5. I love the only problem that charges with the GoPro battery if I did not have more flight time because charging it will discharge the battery and provide less flight time but I love it I got it was the first, from my drone, that Is very stable on windy days, I also have Dji 3 Pro and I blow it with wind and it gave me a shock to see how it is tossed with the wind and I almost lose it instead 3DR Solo is very stable I love it

  6. Yeah I flew my 3D R Solo the other day, didn't have a camera on it yet, I ordered the Go Pro Hero 3+ black, should be getting it , within the next couple weeks, my gimbal is coming tomorrow, so I should have some footage to show eventually. I did crash it on the first flight, it wasn't too bad, I hit the return to home button and it was coming in on my sign in my yard that has our name and street address on it, I tried to correct it and it flipped over on its back on the gravel, chipped one rotor, but it flew fine after that, this drone is like a Timex, takes a licking and keeps on ticking. 🙂

  7. Don't tell the FDA? lol You smugglin' your bro's sushi across the border now or something? lol
    We're using the DJI Phantom 3 & 4, and they've been great. Unless there's an update on it. That takes friggin' forever on 'em.


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