3DR Solo Smart Drone Review | The Good – Bad – Ugly & Tips


Adam from talks about the new 3DR Solo “Smart Drone”. The good, bad, ugly and first flight tips. Please LIKE & Subscribe!


  1. The recording with this drone only works with Hero 4 and only with certain firmware's. I updated mine and i have a camera that turns on and off repeadily. Also the Hero 3+ silver says its not compatible but will work with the method described. The gimbal didn't make a difference with the record feature unless it was a Hero 4. Love the drone hate that everything seems to be a battle with it since its discontinued.

  2. Good tips on the calibration there. Have had my SOLO, with camera gimble and Go Pro Hero3 for a year, not flown it yet, still making sure I know the controls better. I am a pilot and find the controls somewhat backwards from an aircraft, normally pushing forward puts a plane nose down, but when I fly helicopters forward is actually forward!

  3. Just bought my second solo from b&h for 159.00 with lowepro case extra of everything and 2 flight batteries. Best quad for the money. Great video.

  4. there are quite a few great choices out there now. I guess price is the only real issue, although if you are anything like me, if I really want it, I'll find a way. lol

  5. This company has been a nightmare to deal with. They have a common software issue that mine experienced. 4 weeks ago I sent my request for a solution and was told that it would be 2-3 week for it to be reviewed. It still has not been reviewed! After my purchase I found an article in Forbes Magazine pretty much saying that their new technology gave them the ability to take over the industry, but apparently they screwed something up because the article also said they are struggling to stay alive. BUYER BEWARE.

  6. Best Buy is liquidating their stock of these for $299 so not a bad deal for something that once cost $1,600 lol. I'm getting one just because they are so cheap. I don't care that 3DR isn't going to make more or continue with this model/line. Hopefully I get a good one

  7. Hey Aeroworks, is there a way to get a hold of you guys to ask some questions? I do appreciate you reviewing the Solo as I'm new owner of one of them. My biggest concern is you guys seeing this as an obsolete platform. What's the best way to get a hold of it guys? Thanks!

  8. Great Video. Learned a couple of things!!!

    Good: Just purchased this system from BestBuy with 3 axis gimbal, extra batery, and 2 spare props for under $300. I had to install the new gimbal but it wasn't hard at all, took 5 minutes.

    Bad: New 3 axis Gimbal did not fix the Recording and Photo capture controls from ground for a Hero 3 (Unless I am doing something wrong). Everything I've read online says that it doesn't work with the Hero 3 or the newest GoPro Hero. I've been recording video or setting to take pictures automatically every 1/2 to 3,5, 10 secs . In 15 minutes of flight per battery charge, there's a LOTof pics to go through!

    Ugly: Now I have to buy a Hero 4, which is twice the price of the Drone because it is "supposedly" the Hero version that does work with the system.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

  9. As I mentioned to someone on a FB group, who was touting the "new low price" of this POS, now at $399, I said I wouldn't buy one for $39.95. I might buy one for $3.95 to display as a classic FAIL I don't think you can chalk up thousands of flyaways on an improperly calibrated IMU. 3DR is LEAVING the hobby drone business, and retailers are trying to DUMP this thing as fast as they can, recouping as much as they can before the bottom of the market for this thing hits. Perhaps, some time in the distant future, these might become highly prized, much as a pristine EDSEL or PINTO is sought after at "historic vehicle" shows.

  10. The one thing that makes me nervous about buying is the fact that keep hearing people loosing their DJI Phantoms to connection loss. last thing i need is to loos my Gopro and a drone. Thoughts anyone? Is this drop reliable?

  11. I want to buy one 3DR solo bout is my firts time and I want to know if is worth the money it don't comes with the gimbal and I want to know if is whoth the 500. Dólar ore not?

  12. thorough review. Very professional and nice to get a point of view from someone who has been into RC for so long and not just recently, and not just a tech reviewer.


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