3DR Solo Smart Drone – High Tech Photography


This machine has me impressed. If you got the $$ and enjoy video photography made easy, this is your ready-to-fly solution. Autopilot, way-points, set speed, …


  1. You posted this over a year ago, how is it going now? I have had terrible luck with these drones and am now on my 4th one due to malfunctions. The have stopped sending me new drones too since they are no longer in the consumer drone business, so all I am getting are refurbished ones. They come to me dirty and not working properly. How about calibrations? My current one will not calibrate compass or level and 3DR says that I am doing it wrong. I have had it for 2 weeks now and still have not been able to fly it. I hope you have had better luck than me. These things are terrible.


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