3DR Iris+ Drone w Tarot Gimbal Flight and Review (Follow Me and Auto Missions)


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  1. i have two iris now and i think they are more better then the phantoms because you dont here of the iris flying away like dji product lol or a phantom, the price was amazing i will never buy a phantom or any DJI product again , one flyaway was to much for me i lost over ยฃ1000 with a phantom the second day i had it, it just went up up and away and never to be seen again ,, DJI did nothing for me and they just told me i must of don something to it ,,,iv been building drones for over 8 years now

  2. DJI Phantom 3 Standard or 3DR Iris+ for recording action footage (Skiing/Landscape/Follow Me Function). I really have been trying to figure this out. Batteries are cheaper for the IRIS but the Phantom seems to have a nicer GUI and supports iOS/Apple as opposed to IRIS that solely supports Android (Have an android but without cellular service). I found both around the same price ($550)

  3. Actually i wanted the IRIS+ drone because of it`s very awesome features but the availability in Germany and the response of 3DR isn`t as good as you probably think( at least for germans, maybe ๐Ÿ™‚ . So now i bought the DJi- Phantom2. Good product too but unfortunately without the "follow me" function! Is this feature retrofittable to the P2 ? – Maybe you know ….. Kind Regards from Germany ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I really wish they did not rely on your phone for the flight planner, gopro has an app so you can see what you are shooting and with the proper setup, which this being 912 you can just stream 2.4ghz directly to your smart phone, so with this app of theirs you need two smart devices lol seriously.

  5. Some mistakes there and considering how dangerous these things can be and the risks to all of us if there is any negative spotlight I must make some comments.

    -When you arm the coptor, treat the blades as if they are ON! Do not go anywhere near the blades. You actually picked it up armed and that was scary. Had it started up you would have had a problem. It's not SUPPOSED to randomly start up but there is something called glitches and freak accidents. Even when it's not armed, I still respect the props one the batter is connected.

    -The stick on the right is roll, not yaw. You rotate with left stick and roll left/right/forward/backwards

    -Also you did not disarm it after follow me. You pushed stick wrong way. It disarmed itself.

  6. If I do auto missions without gimbal, it does well, no problems at all, if I start doing it with gimbal attached, it goes all over the place trying and trying, do you know what could cause this?

  7. Some serious errors on your start up procedure. Make sure ALL switches are pushed up, and don't move the iris around like that after you arm it. It should be given a minute to sit then take off. Make sure throttle is complete down when you go to arm. If you change modes in flight have your throttle at 60% as they can drop about five feet. This will give you the power on the mode switch so it don't drop to the ground.

  8. Hey, great video! ย I really found it helpful. ย I still have some questions though. ย If you could answer them, I would really appreciate it.

    Did you get a change to test the LiveView for GoPro kit that is available for this drone for 349$? ย How is the lag on that? ย Does the telemetry antenna work with iPhones and is there a way to connect your phone to the controller?

  9. After plugging the battery in do not touch the iris. Don't close the door. Don't pick up the iris. Wait until you have the green flashing light indicating GPS lock then close the door. At this point you can arm the iris.


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