3D Printed Guns (Documentary)


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  1. I definitly approve his message and his views but i think he should have kept it secret until he found a way to make an actually functioning gun design printable or millable at home. Sorry but 80 percent receiver is not mutch of a big deal here in europe because all main parts require serial number and registration. So you would still have to get a barell and everything else which is pretty mutch imposible in europe and it is also unprintable, Printing a 1911 frame is one thing, getting a receiver that can hold significant .45 or 9mm bullet preassure and a decent barell is another. I thing he should have designed something like a revolver, millable with ghost gun from the scratch and all you would have to provide was chunk of metal and some springs, than it would make sense, that liberator gun looks like its gonna splode in your face on the next shot. I am also not sure how does the crappy soft plastic handle the 9mm browning bullet. It is generally not a good idea to have a barell from softer material than projectile. This concept needs a lot of work but unfortunately this guy will not see the sunlight for sometime to make it happen.

  2. I remember when Glocks first showed up how some tree huggers talked about it it as a plastic gun and how they were concerned that terrorists could use that to smuggle it in airplanes.

  3. ive been looking into this guy and he is very well spoken and clear. befor i actually start this vid im glad i can start it with a laugh. im glad i know where this vid stands because clearly it is misleading and suppressing the public by implying that it is a movement self manufacture fire arms through 3d printing witch is not the movement at all. i believe it simply stands for allowing the freedom of learning how. the fact that people can has always existed and this guy is simply saying here is how i personally am glad that the information and ability is present and easier for a man who didnt put thought into making weapons with malicious intent vs someone who already has and does even without a printer who is far more tactical advanced making it harder for the bad guy to succeed.

  4. VICE is pathetic and so is anyone challenging the populations protection. Right and left are the same side. When push comes to shove its going to be rich against poor not right on left. Once guns are gone it is fucking over

  5. I don’t know who will see this but i feel this is a good place for my opinion on these sorts of matters. I believe that regulating tools is wrong, guns have many recreational uses, but its not just guns, for example, recently genetic engineering has been made easily available to anyone. Some simple kits allow for people to do simple gene modifications, this technology, and others like it, may be very beneficial to all of us. It may allow simple people to make great contributions in the future. In the same way an early gun may have given the man the ability to provide food for his family. But putting restrictions on these things to protect people only works against progress. While the ability to modify DNA may lead to terrorists with amazingly powerful weapons, it takes away from all the people with good intentions to restrict this technology. If some one wants to hurt other people, no matter how much you take away from them, there will always be another way to hurt people. Money would be better spent on getting help to people that would have intentions on hurting others. People may have problems, or just be angry, or may think they have no other choice, or just enjoy hurting others. Thinking you can help them by taking away there resources, only takes away from good people. Putting money toward finding help for people who would want to hurt others is a much better use of resources than just taking things away from everyone. Its the people who are scared of things that they don’t understand, who take things away from everyone else. Guns are scary so they take your guns, drugs hurt you so they take away drugs. This person is bad so put him in a cage. These people. Taking things away from people doesn’t solve there problems. What solves problems is teaching people how to use these thing correctly , and helping people who feel that they need to use them incorrectly. These are the worst king of people, i hate them, they take things from others because they think there bad. The ruin things for people who no better.

    Sorry, this was a rant, I didn’t expect it to be this long.

  6. Well not really surprised that nothing has changed in 5 years. Every person has their own opinion. Just let it be how it is, it's never going to change until an actual regime takes over America.

  7. Türkçe bilen biri bana yardım edebilirmi yaş sorunu olmayan biri bana bu silah dosyalarını nasıl bulabilcegimi ve istanbulda buluşabilcegimiz biri lazım yaş fark etmez bilgi lazım lütfen

  8. These files have already been available online for 5 years! You can download the CAD files for free for the AR-15, AR-10, 80% lowers, 1911, etc. at CodeIsFreeSpeech (add the .com at the end) and Fosscad (add the .org at the end). The website is sponsored by various different gun-rights groups. #Freedom


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