3D MAPPING with a DJI Phantom & Drone Deploy


3D maps with a drone: AUTOMATIC & FREE. Seriously. Get Drone Deploy at Get a Phantom 4 at SUBSCRIBE & get the …


  1. the more I learn about drone uses the more amazed I am, and the more I want to do it. thank you for mentioning the before you fly app, booked marked that app for future use (when I get my drone)

  2. Good video. Someone once told me before you start to make your run, take 1 photo with the drone on the ground pointed at the area. Your suggestion of taking extra pictures is great!! Drone deploy will automatically insert them in the correct space. Thanks!

  3. Instead of having to fly manually, can't you just tell Drone Deploy to fly over five times: once with the camera pointed down, once with the camera pointed 45 degrees up from north, once with the camera pointed 45 degrees up from south, once with the camera pointed 45 degrees up from east, and once with the camera pointed 45 degrees up from west? Or does Drone Deploy only point the camera down?

  4. Hi Tony 🙂 When you say flight manually in case you want to make a better job with different angles, 3 different altitudes orbit on a building which app are you meaning to use to make that…DJI go app or drone deploy app??? Thank you Marco from Italy?:-)

  5. Holy shit. My mind is blow with the rapid increase in drone tech. Yesterday it was the DJI Mavic with long flight time and range, nearly pocket sized, incredibly stable 4k camera, gesture recognition, fantastic flight stability, precision location tracking via multiple satellites, and more. Today it's incredibly easy autonomous 3D mapping via 3rd party app, with much higher resolution for the map just a small step away. Adding in multiple flight patterns to auto circle targets at various heights during the mapping is a simple add-on that eliminates having to do a manual flight to improve the mapping. I'm actually surprised it isn't included in the software already. It was only a few years ago that auto-return was the cutting edge, which my drone didn't have and flew away from me in the wind. 🙂

    I came here from the consumer camera is dead vid. Now helicopter rentals for movie footage and aerial surveying is dead – has been in the process of dying for a couple of years now. But now you won't have to hire a pro pilot to fly your drone for you movie footage. This will soon bleed into the consumer photograph market for spectacular panoramic vista photos from any point desired. Portable camera tech is blowing up so DOF, shutter speed, and exposure will enter these cameras quickly, if not from the manufacturer then from 3rd party apps.

    Not sure if you got the perfect shot of a falcon flying, just track it for a 100 m (or 500 m) and shoot a dozen photos — and pre-programm the camera to shoot with a variety of setings for f stops and exposure settings. Why buy a $4k 300mm lens when you can shoot photos as close as you want – limited by scaring the target when you can buy a drone for $1500 that does that and much, much more. 😉 These changes are like going from a flip phone to a smart phone. It's game changing.

    I don't know if I'm getting old, but I'm truly stunned.

  6. Hey man- GREAT video, and THANK YOU for adding the 'keep it legal' and check out the B4Ufly app mention. Too many people in the world don't take this seriously enough! Excellent!!


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