3D FPV DRONE? feel like YOU are REALLY FLYING!!! + skyzone 3d fpv goggles


Look at a 3d built quad that has 2 cameras and shows the vision from two different perspectives giving you an unmatched FPV experience. Totally mind blowing …


  1. I really appreciate the video. What's the resolution? What's the max resolution to goggles possible. I want to use 2 go pros and an hd or higher vr or phone with viewer. However, I don't know the max resolution of the transmitter and how to tie everything in. Willing to spend money and have a crappy flight with the weight and power requirements to be able to see clouds, etc. in stereoscopic high definition.

  2. How cool would it be if the camera had a 1 axis servo for panning when you turned your head?? The goggles would need a gyroscope and another channel on the rx but then you would have a FULL 3D experience!!! Think about it!! 🙂

  3. So, could you mount that camera and the vtx on one of your more badass drones? (I.e. Are the connections and everything universal – would it be compatible?)

  4. Hey Stew, can the latency have come from the fact that that guy who was standing behind you and Trevor, was also watching you fly on his goggles?? (at least it seems like it on the video) Is that maybe why it lagged so much? Or couldn't that have anything to do with it?

  5. nice movie from this 3d
    what supprise me is that you have no clue how antennes work.. with is also the cause for the interverance..
    ceep up the good work…

  6. I'm willing to get a 3D goggles as well , but there's not to much going on about 3D fpv and the price for such gear is quite expensive , so not sure which one to get and even if it is worth the money…
    Question: can you get good 3D view from objects in distance like from a fpv wing or will the 3D effect be only when close to objects?

  7. hi mate. you forgot to mention those goggles have head tracking and inbuild camera to see outside without removing the goggles….. also could you please measure the latency and give your opinion on those glasses as a fat shark competition….. thanks a lot.

  8. Those skyzone goggles can tune each eye LCD into a different channel in 3D mode, so you can use 2 cam/vtx combos of your choice and lenses to get better depth perception on a larger craft e.g. cameras on wing tips. The 3D vtx has 4 channel pairs that match with the goggles 4 pairs for easy setup. The DVR only records one of the internal RX units, so playback is 2D. Goggles have 3 axis head tracking inbuilt as well. Moral of the story is don't pay $300 extra for a shark logo and no features.

  9. So you need to hack the cameras apart so we can see what more separation does. I'm at this moment selling my Lincoln Mark VIII stuff, and about to pull the trigger on goggles. Paypal empties and fills, it's the wheel of life eh'.

    Six more OMG!!

  10. Almost 30,000, you deserve it. One of the best and I include RR and TBS here. You do seem to be very honest and are entertaining. It did take a while to figure out your intro but now I look forward to it. Goodday! 😉

  11. UAVFUTURES stu if just got the cheep ufo Google from Banggood.com
    iv been thinking I can wire a mobile phone headphones on to the receiver wiring and will let me here the motors and my low battery buzzer yes but only want to use one for my lefthand ear as I love lasting to my tunes when flying aswel but this should work wiring a headphone in to the receiver audio wiring yeah

  12. One of my first drones is the Eachine 250 racer. I think it's time to unretire that outdated frame. I may be able to put the cameras in the headlights with some very minor modifications

  13. What is the heat like on your VTx? The one that came with mine gets
    super hot! I've only tested it out on the bench for about 2-3 minutes
    but after that short time I couldn't pick it up it was so hot. I'm sure
    flying would keep it cooler but just wondered if mine was faulty or if
    that is just just how they are? Cheers

  14. Great content as always. Lighting is a bit weird in this one, shadows behind the drone props are a bit distracting (like watching a 3D movie without glasses).

  15. Stew, where can I get info about what communication protocol works between components.  I'm building my 1st quad an I'm confused about multishot working with what fc etc. I have watched enough videos to get confused!! Thanks

  16. There's going to be confusion if you keep calling it 3D. I think the more appropriate term would be Stereo FPV. This is based on Stereoscopy. You'd think it would take the world by storm, but historically, it surfaces on things like photo viewers, digital cameras, cell phones, then dies off.


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