$35 Portable foldable drone with camera 2018 Review – 4K


Fake DJI Mavic Pro for $35 Review! A fake portable DJI Mavic foldable mini drone clone! The cheapest drone with FPV first person view. control this drone right …


  1. Also, you make a rather ignorant statement in your video, calling the battery design a "hassle" because the battery must be removed to recharge it.

    There is a term for drones that have built-in, non-removable batteries:  bottom-of-the-barrel, cheap toys.  Anyone who knows anything about drones would prefer a drone to have a removable battery for multiple reasons.  First, it lets one buy spare batteries and be able to fly multiple times in a flying session/outing, rather than have to wait 45 to 300 minutes for a drone battery to recharge (note:  you will lengthen the life of your drones' motors if you let them cool for 15 minutes between flights, rather than immediately popping a new battery in and taking off again – this advice is by YouTube drone reviewer Quadcopter 101, who, unlike RoyalTech, is actually an expert on drones.  Other highly knowledgeable, recommended drone review channels are The RCSaylors, Dustin Dunnill, Frequent Flyer RC,  Ready Set Drone and Soul Force Quads). 

    Second, removable batteries can often be recharged by chargers that enable multiple batteries to be charged at once. 

    Third, it is more convenient to have something that's about the size of a pack of gum, rather than the full size of your drone, on your countertop, desktop, etc… while it is plugged in charging.

  2. note if the props spin but it won't take off it's because the gears are skipping take a zip tie and put it on the End of the arm close to the propellers pull it tight really tight and it will make it work so much better and it gives it feet I loved mine but a kid stole mine on Easter 🙁


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