3 Beginner Drone MISTAKES With The DJI Mavic Pro


3 Beginner Drone MISTAKES With The DJI Mavic Pro MY FAVORITE DJI MAVIC ACCESSORIES | My Favorite Filmmaking Gear For Any …


  1. Thanks for watching! I promised I'd share my biggest mistake I've made, and while I've probably made most mistakes possible, my most memorable happened just about a year ago. We hand launched a p3 pro from a boat and didn't communicate well! As you can imagine the drone ended up in the lake! Fortunately, it was only submerged for 10-15 seconds, so we dried it out, took the lens apart, let it sit for a week and then it lived on for many more months of flying!

  2. Thank you…well done and i wish i would have seen this vid before i flew the Mavic Pro…i did ALMOST everything wrong but have learned much since then and your vid is one that should be watched by anyone new to this drone…Thank You !

  3. Just a comment here, in sport mode I find on my MP that the bottom sensor still works however the front one is disabled. Thatโ€™s my experience anyway.

  4. Have had my mavic pro for 6 days and took it out to fly all gimbal clamps and covers removed and it was warning me of overload to the gimbal motors. Is this a common issue for these drones

  5. quick question for the pros. i've never flown or owned a drone, but i want the DJI Mavic Pro drone asap. can i start with the DJI Mavic Pro or could someone recommend a starter video drone? thanks!

  6. Looks like you had to make a court ordered public announcement with that disguise on….
    Number 1 ; Buying a drone without understanding how few places you can lawfully fly one. Most great shots were made with drones prior to US laws being in effect banning them from ALL National Parks… And more than likely ALL State parks… And ALL local parks (think people)… So, you can fly at your house, over your property? Maybe, if you don't live within 5 miles of an airport, or up to 10 miles if it is a military airport, or up to 100 miles if it is a MOA… So, basically… you can not fly in America unless you live in the desert… wait… that is likely a national park… can't fly there either.


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