2018 Underwater Drone QYSEA FIFISH P3 4K ROV Review – Part 1- [First Look & Inspection]


Enjoy this detailed first look of the new 2018 Underwater Drone ROV Qysea Fifish P3 4K ROV Submarine. Info here Get it here …


  1. It seems it has the same issues as the gladius namely it only has one central vertical motor meaning you cant exactly go straight up or down, instread you go up and down like a plane pitches up and down as it moves.

  2. I'm Glad you got hold of one of these ROV's, perhaps we will see somebody that knows what there doing fly it properly, becas so far out there I haven't seen any good footage of it, I think if it banks over at an angle, without the two thrusts on the top, it may be hard to straton out. but to tell you the truth, I'm hoping that its not better than the Gladius, because I just spent £2000 on the Gladius after watching your reviews on it. Lol
    Did you try a different Android device to see if that would connect?

  3. Great review although its kinda sad they never sent you a new unit to review as you mentioned, nonetheless i hope Fifish ship you a new controller as all indications point to a burnt/damaged wifi board.

  4. Well, hope you get it working … maybe the TX needs a few smacks ??? (ha ha). Like you said, this units has "been around", so no telling what's been done to it, especially if it arrived with the cable in a rat's nest .. that could be telling. Once you get it working, might be time to go "Mavic hunting" again .. ha ha. Cheers.


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