2018 Holiday Guide – Top 10 Drone Accessories + Giveaway


The 2018 Holiday season is finally here. In this video, I go through my Top 10 List of DJI drone products and accessories that will help you take your video and …


  1. I got the Mavemount for my IPad Pro/M2P after watching your channel a few episodes back, and also 3 extra batteries. Love the mount; it is very secure and does not allow my IPad to move nor does the ball angle adjuster loosen. I can fly about 1.5 hours with 4 batteries for my next project – a truck driving school.

  2. Hi FlytPath. Well I just found your channel last night so I'm a day late and a dollar short. I'm new to using a drone and just bought my Mavic Air in Sep. My top accessory is a case and I have been trying to find the right one and I have 3 different ones in my closet. Still looking for that perfect case as priority 1 is protecting my investment. My 2nd. need is filters. I'm looking at various ones however with Winter upon us here in Chicago that is not at the top of my list to find immediately. The other must have is actually what I would have liked to win which is the Gnarbox. I have been a hobbyists photographer since high school from 78 to 82. So I am dating myself however I have kept up with technology. I used to use 3 Wolverine Drives when I was the lead photographer for Honor Flight Chicago. At the end of the flight after a full days worth of activities for 100 of our greatest veterans I would collect the memory cards from the assistant to each veteran and copy their pictures. I had the 3 drives and a line of people continually swapping out the various cards and at the end of the day I would have between 10 & 20 K pictures. I would run all the pics through Facial Recognition then compare and assign them to the ID photo that I took of each veteran that morning. When all was said and done I would select 4 pics of each vet and then those would be sent to our publisher to produce a photo album of the days activities. About 2 weeks after the flight the veterans would receive their album showing them and their fellow vets activities as a memory of their day. While I am no longer their photographer after dedicating 3 years full time I still have a need as I am dedicated to our Vets and especially with shooting video in addition to stills this would definitely come in handy. We have numerous Welcome Home Ceremonies for the men & women when they are done serving our great nation. I was disabled in a construction accident in 2002 so that gives me the time to honor our men & women. Sorry, with yesterday being Veterans Day it gets me on a roll. Thanks for reading. PS. I am looking for a tablet mount for my iPad Pro 12.9 in. I have not been able to find one that looks like it would support the weight.

  3. maybe would be nice to see video about settings( its easy set to the best Q, but how to set quality vs computer ability for edits) batteries always nice to have an extra set and better case than DJI provide, it is huge hassle to always manage stuck props, anyway lot of things what would be very helpful, but for sure you do great job and I am very much appreciating your amount of the time you put into each video, thank you V!

  4. Ohh it's great .your videos have more stuff and your hard work hear camera stabilization,sound clarity,lighting etc .I like to hope more videos .giveaway things are more precious lot of use that in main part of filmmaking

  5. Must have accessories for me include of course, batteries – you can never have enough! But because I live in Dubai and wherever I fly, the ground is dusty, a landing pad is essential. And since they are also 'must haves', ND filters for video, especially since I'm usually filming in bright sunlight. Yes I know, that's three. What can I say – Christmas is coming 🙂

  6. Must haves: Battery multi charger, some kind of case, immediately, to get away from the box it came in. Even if it's a cheap one while you evaluate the more expensive/better ones available. I have both a Phantom 3-4K and a Tello, and the case was the first thing I bought for both of them, even before extra batteries and props!

  7. Check "Smatree" power bank. They make a version for the Spark, and one for the Mavic Air. Probably they also have other models for other drones. But that is all I need when I go out of the city to fly for the day. You can charge up to 3 batteries at the same time. If the batteries are still warm, it won't charge them until they cool down. They say the power bank is good for 2 cycles (that means 6 batteries in total), but in my experience, it yields a little more than that. It also charges your remote. So, in reality, I can fly 9 to 10 batteries, considering that I leave the house with my 3 batteries charged. To recharge, plug it in and go to sleep, because it takes several hours to complete it's charge.


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