2017 Holiday Drone Gift Guide | FLITE TEST


This Holiday season if you are looking for beginner level drone or RC airplane Christmas gifts, these are all great options for all budgets. Inductrix RTF: …


  1. Josh-Team, Great to see the two of you again. Terrific collection of info, so well put together, great production values and lots of usefull information. Flite Test Team you did it again! Top of the game, the one to look to for How-it-works. DYI, and reviews, and just fun wacky will-it-flying things.  
    Much thanks, for the great effort put into this.

  2. Hello,

    I bought Blade 230S as a RTF unit with DXe radio, so I thought 🙂
    Unfortunately, DXe has been limited in its capabilities.

    Having bought the programmer, it turned out that the only thing I could do was to load the syntax.
    The radio could not be used for any other model. Even to other Horizon products, because you can not change the model in it.

    Try to program radio from the X-Vert RTF. It can be the same?


  3. A 50$ whoop is the entry level?? You can buy 4-5 Eachine E011 or Furibee F36 for that price… I understand that if you spend heaps of money on a quad an actual warranty and customer service is almost a must have, but spending 4x the money on a whoop like this is just a waste of money…

  4. This is just a Horizon Hobby paid presentation, this company pulled out of the uk and customer service neglects all the UK now. If your from the UK i would not go with the HH stuff as there is no customer support.
    This is from experiance as i used to be a team driver using a Losi 8ight and Spektrum radio gear.

  5. I would recommend to build a speed build kit for your first plane, it gives you so much knowledge about the plane which makes it easy to repair plus I love the experience. Getting a swappable is nice because you can totally destroy an airplane but the just buy a new airframe

  6. For around $220, or less if you get the BNF version, you can get the Horizon Carbon Cub with SAFE+ which has been really great for me to learn on. New "plus" features include a "holding pattern" panic mode where it will return to and circle over your home position. And, an auto land feature which will put the plane back on the ground right where you took off from! Or, at least pretty close to. It uses a GPS module to accomplish this.


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