2017 GoPro Karma Drone Review – Why I’m Not Keeping It


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  1. why do people compare this to the mavic, its not even in the same price point…. yes if you by the full pack, it costs the same, but you also get the go-pro hero black and the karma grip which, if you take them out, lower the price point drastically – great review though, but sorry don't buy the comparison to much more expensive drones

  2. the controller and gimbal together are hard to beat. I'll be shooting in the middle of nowhere, so I don't like using my cell for the controller. I wish go pro would of taken the time to add sensors. it's ridiculous they didn't. thanks for taking the time for the video.

  3. I'm torn. I want to love the karma. I like the idea of being able to film a complete set of shots with one device (drone, gimbal, and GoPro all integrated). Meaning I can get some sweet aerial shots, then attach the GoPro to the gimbal; all for the same price as the Mavic. The Dji however is for more advanced and is more portable. That being said I'll have to spend 2500 for the GoPro, gimbal, and Mavic if I went that route. Help!

  4. I got the Karma because of the total package. If GoPro was smart, they would make the next few versions compatible with the current controller and gimble. That will allow people to upgrade more often with a drone only which should provide a lot of improvements in the next version (obstacle avoidance, follow me, down sensors etc)

  5. Yeah. It seems a dog compared with the Mavic Pro. I have a GoPro camera that I am really happy with and I have gone with a DJI Mavic. For the GoPro I have the Ryder M wearable gimbal and it seems great.

  6. Hey where's the karma grip video? I can't lock my grip when I have the ring on and the Kimble heats up really hot. Wondering what the trick is to get it to lock in sure it's up all the way. Nice video though I'm new to drones so I'll be keeping mine

  7. i thought Go Pro was a serious company……..but they are not………my point? they screwed up the first release of the Karma a few months back….and now, instead of getting their act together, they rush to release V2.0 , only to find out that again it has some serious issues……..honestly, what were they thinking? Loved your review buddy, and i admit it made an impression to me that through your comparison with others, you hardly mention any other brand, unlike some other funboys here, reviewing only to mention a specific brand, instead of focusing on the drone in hand……keep up the good work my friend,

  8. Nice review. A lot of reviews are just too slow or the information comes too slowly. I don't think you ever uttered the word "Um". I had looked at a Karma at Best Buy today and almost made an impulse buy, I'm glad I didn't. You presented all the info I wanted in a short amount of time, nice job. I'll stick with with my Inspire for now.

  9. I feel like if you did enough research before buying you would have saved yourself some frustration, none the less it was a informative video- nice work brother- thanks for sharing!


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