20 Steps for BEGINNER DRONE PILOTS – DJI Mavic Pro & DJI Spark


Here is the full list of steps: DJI Spark Playlist: DJI Mavic Pro Playlist: Cinematic Footage Playlist: …


  1. I love how while you were describing flying your first drone, the girl in the blue shirt ducked while the drone was coming at her. I love that kind of stuff. Your adding a little humor to this very important video. I watch this vid from time to time just to bone up on some of the basics. I love how you always preach to practice, practice, practice. I couldn't agree with you more, and that goes for almost everything in life, in my opinion, but especially when it comes to drones, where a snap decision might be called for, and you've got it because you practiced. Another great video from you. Marc Trainor.

  2. Recommend hubsan 501s for 1st time flyers. You can get it for about 250. Hand eye coordination is crucial. I messed up and learned a $450 Lesson by getting a DJI Phantom not knowing anything about it finally I got the Hudson not only is it an expensive as far as a GPS drawing but it's perfect for the first time flying very easy. I have a review on my channel title the world's cheapest drone. I do agree upon everything this gentleman said

  3. I'm happy that flying drones in national parks is not restricted in Australia. Our Civil Aviation Authority provides great info regarding drones and a 'Can I Fly Here' app with maps showing all restricted areas etc.

  4. "STEP 10: Make sure your drone has a memory card installed"
    Trust me, there is not much more difficult a task than copying footage from a drone's internal memory. MAKE SURE YOU'VE GOT AT LEAST A CLASS 10 MICRO SD CARD IN THE SLOT and that your drone piloting app. is set up to record whatever footage the drone sees, onto the SD card and NOT into the drone's internal memory!

  5. Some additions:
    #10 – Format your memory card inside the drone! Do it using the DJI app. This way it will be completely clean and empty, ready to record beautiful images and videos, especially if you are reusing a micro SD card from another device like a Go Pro. After your flight, and after you have plugged in the batteries to recharge, take the memory card out and download the files to your computer. Reformat the card inside the drone when you startup again on your next flight.
    #11 – Calibrate your gimbal before flying to make sure your horizon will be level! You can see at the tail end of #15 at ( 7:50 in) that Devon's horizon is off. Make sure the table or surface your drone is sitting on is level too, before calibrating the gimbal. Mine was off when I flew this morning. Grrrrr…
    #20 – Watch your battery life and flying time – it decreases with temperature! Was flying this morning in Montreal at sunrise, temp was -1C (around 31 F) and the battery low warning started some 15 minutes into flying. I was practicing as Devon suggests, getting a feel for my Mavic 2 Pro, and was glad I kept it line of sight, just in case it died prematurely (it didn't).

    One last item – the Return to home function – I've found that if you use it, due to GPS error, the craft can land some 6 ft or more from where it took off, even if you did the hover routine for 20 seconds, to allow it to determine its home point. Practice your landings! Make sure you are in an open environment, and that the grass is not too tall… or your drone will become a lawn mower! Got some grass on my blades from a municipal park where I flew from the first time ๐Ÿ™

    Cheers from Montrรฉal ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hello!.. Thank you for that information!..
    I have my Mavic pro for a while and most of the time I don't take off the propellers when I do the IMU calibration and also I do first the compass calibration and then the IMU, after that I shut off and restarted. I don't do the gimbal calibration except when I make some updates .. So everything has been working well!!!… Do you thing I shoud follow all the steps as DJI recommend??
    Thanks !

  7. Hey Jeven, Awesome video, l just picked up my Mavic Pro about 10 days ago and have had two successful flights so far the problem that lโ€™m having is with turning the power off and on the controller!!! Can you give any suggestions.

  8. Another hard to find TIP is how to keep the FILE names from repeating every time you delete or remove the files from the SD card. If anyone is looking for this setting, it's in the app under your camera setting (where you set your ISO, Shutter, EV, etc.) from there click the gear tab/icon on the top right. Scroll down to the setting "File Index Mode" and change it from the default Reset to Continuous. Your Mavic has to be on and connected for the setting to be changed!

  9. great video. Just got a Mavic 2 Pro. its great, I am having a heck of a time finding a place to test fly. Found a park about 30 minutes away that is wide open and no air traffic. Staff there said it was cool with them for me to fly there but said something about the county not allowing there use in the county itself. I tried to look up anything specific about it but didn't find anything. not really sure where to go now.

  10. Hi Jeven , I have no words to express my Gratitude And Thanks But All I Can Say Is I'm A New DJI Spark User And I found Your Tutorials to be one of the most Beneficial Around
    I'm So Greatful There Are Guys like you around Teaching Us How To Deal With Our Drones ……Again I Appreciate Your Hard effort And Look Forward to Learning More From You

  11. Great advice Jeven!ย  I am new to drones and about to purchase the Mavic Air.ย  I have been studying it for several months now watching all the YouTube videos I could find!ย  I have saved this video to my library for future reference. Thanks tons for this very important information!ย  I have subscribed to you for more videos and information.ย  You have made everything clear and easy to understand!ย  Appreciate it!!!

  12. +1 for the TAKE OFF THE PROPS — Its saddens me that i didn't even think of that for a single moment when i first got my spark in the middle of crazy (and i mean it) crazy — CRAZY — cold Quebec's winter.


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