$20 RC Drone Better than $500 RC Drone? FQ777-951C Mini Camera Quadcopter – TheRcSaylors


Is it possible for someone to have as much fun with a $20 RC Drone as a $500 RC Drone? Nate and Abby are here to find out with their new FQ777-951C MINI …


  1. I recently got a real 5" race quad, and although it's obviously much higher quality and faster and everything, I still find myself wanting a small quad like this I can fly inside without being worried about wasting a super expensive investment.

  2. First time commenting on your videos but I've been watching for about 6 months now. I won't go into how obsessed I've become but I did have a question you might be able to help with. I've been using the x13 indoors and probably burned through 4 batteries a day for 6 months, replaced all the motors a couple of times and purchased a second one after an issue with the main board. That's how much I love using this as my indoor drone. After seeing this seemingly being sunsetted for new models. I'm wondering if you have a suggestion for something similar in size but maybe with a faster rotation. I would consider entry level fpv too, but not wireless fpv since I have some and they are too lagging! Maybe a suggestion with and without fpv.

  3. Love the channel. I've been looking at the jjrc baby elfie to buy for my children to play with. Have you tested this camera drone and if so what do you think? I'm really after as good video quality as possible with a 5-10 minute flight time for under £50. I guess you get this question all the time. Thanks

  4. Having fun is a wonderful component of flying.  Worry and stress are nice to forget all about for a few minutes.  I have lots of fun with my Bugs 2 C.  I loved your fingernails Abby.  I wish you both the very best life has to offer.

  5. Great job! I'll repeat myself again. Please do something to review how the entire package works. No one doing reviews today wants to take the time to review the controller while being tested in flight. Coordinate video between the movements of the controls with the movements of the quad would be superb for newbies to see each result you get from the quad by that particular movement of a control button or lever. How great would that look?


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