These are some of the best value CHEAP FPV instant POP Up FPV racing gates I have seen. Yes they are re used tents, but who cares when it takes 2 seconds …


  1. 20k views but only 500 (dis)likes? People just want o be polite, because the video is quite informative and well made. Buuut your todayyy, alrightiiiiee stuff rides my brain. Please reconsider your style.

  2. Greeting from Serbia. Amateur FPV flyer here 🙂 . Great videos, great channel… Need help – I found some way to cheaply create round gates 85cm in diameter. I was wandering if that is enough?

  3. Mate, just buy a bigger truck!! Job is jobbed!
    So glad you guys have your so called 'Winter' on the way. That means we get our 3-4 months of Summer in the UK 😉

    Do like the gates but I reckon they could be half the 'Length''..I mean "half" as in, as you're approaching them :-)and half the price?
    Still have to learn how to collapse em though!!

  4. Hi would love to see a review on the HIEE FPV goggles they look as good as FLYKEY but cheaper. Thanks a lot for all your time and effort in doing what you do for all of us 🙂

  5. Great vid as always! I was wondering if you could help answer a quick question. I have a cheap quad set up right now, and I'm looking to get some more speed out of my quad, as I'm starting to reach its limits. What part has the best speed to price ratio that I should invest in to get my quad going faster? Thanks!

  6. that was funny to watch you trying to pack those gates away! I have the graupner ones and they're just as hard to put away! thankfully the instructions are in the bag 😉

  7. Not even worth $2 if I have to fuss that much to fold them back up. I need to see a video of someone quickly packing up at least 4 of these in a row quickly and then explainung exactly how.

  8. There is a back wall optional for these right, I mean it comes with the back wall right? You just cut it out or something? I am a FPV racer and I was looking at this for camping lol then I clicked on this video and got the best of both worlds! I would buy it for camping though!

  9. Looks like they work great, I have a pop blind that uses the same principle, it's amazing how sometimes they fold right up and sometimes it takes ages. Great video! Banggood is going to sell out of these too I imagine.

  10. Does anybody have ANY extra or old FPV gear that they don't need or want, my quad has been down for a while and I've been trying to find a job to support it. A new FPV community just recently formed in my area and I've been really want to join but need a few more parts to get my quad flying



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