2 mistakes new drone pilots make! Happy flying #31


Fpv drone racing is intense, fast and can go from first to crash in a split second. On happy flying #31 we discuss some drone racing tips, how and when to pass …


  1. Man sollte eine Bergungsdrohne entwickeln mit einem stab und leine Daran die leine รผber den Ast legen und dann von unten ziehen um den ast zu bewgen dann fรคllt sie runter

  2. Is the video feed through your goggles always that choppy? I have never used a drone let alone an FPV drone but I find it very interesting. That being said I don't think I could do it if the video feed was that choppy.

  3. Using a sling shot with a heavy washer and fishing line – then attach a stronger string (small rope) and pull it over the branch to shake branch is great

  4. I carry a golf ball with a 3/8" hold drilled through it, then a 3/8" rope tied to it… NOT that I've used it once or twice… Then used a sling shot to get the ball up high enough… Maybe 100' rope is long enough to catch the branch and just yank it down. Always fun to see someone try to catch the quad… Nice video and real informative also.!! Thanks


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