1st FPV FLIGHT 6” ZMR 250 Race Drone Jumper T8SG Plus CRASH Review


crashed several times – T8SG $89 Join Drone Days Facebook #fpv …


  1. For racing drones, probably a good idea to buy a newer model as older models from a few years back are more difficult to fly. The newer FC board and power system makes the flying a much better experience. That battery's connection is the same as xt60.

  2. I think I know what it can be you see in the plug that is in the drone right the circles that connects to the battery with time and use they close and can’t hold on to you battery anymore. A easy fix that I know it work jam tooth picks in to the holes so it can stay tight. The same thing happened to my drone and it was giving me that problem. Since the battery was lose my drone would fall onto the ground. But putting the tooth picks into them holes works.


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