13k Alibi Holding Tower | Oregon Full Game


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  1. Freaking amazing, I love doing this with pulse and Jager, but with Alibi it's a whole new ballgame. Sure you may not be able to peek a tricked enemy, but it helps the anchors and any other roamer(s) a lot.

  2. Does anyone else feel like when on defense taking both meastro and alibi isn't strategically the best choice? I think they're both great but at the same time it's taking away from a better defensively equipped operator. Just my thoughts and wondering everyone else's

  3. Does anyone know what to do when you can’t play multiplayer on the PS4 like I did all the situations and I’m able to play multiplayer in other games and I have ps plus and the game is fully downloaded it’s been like this for weeks and idk what to do looking for help through the community since Ubisoft takes too long

  4. I'm looking for top tier diamonds on xbox to play my games in operation parabellum with. If youre interested message Magiik Bolts. Preferably non-boosted diamonds last season.

  5. Idk if it's just me but on ps4 since para bellum dropped I cant play villa cause it lags so damn much and on all the other maps too idk I haven't reset my router yet and I am today when I get out of bed but it's bad so I was wondering if that's an issue or just me

  6. My favorite update: you can change off your drone during prep even if it’s still active.

    So if your drone gets stuck in a mute jammer, you can switch off your drone if they don’t shoot it right away.


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